We countdown the top 15 moments from Tolkien's magical universe!

It is the epic saga that has resulted in millions of fans around the world, and as Amazon looks to add to the world of Middle Earth, we countdown the top 15 moments that make Tolkien’s stories come to life...
15. Battle of the Five Armies

The epic Battle for Erebor after the death of Smaug is the culmination of the Hobbit Trilogy. Dwarves, Elves, Men, Orcs and Goblins battle to claim the Lonely Mountain, resulting the one the biggest Battle sequences put on the big screen.

The entire sequence lasts for most of the final movie in Peter Jackson’s Middle Earth film series and is spectacular to watch, and shows how a naïve Hobbit becomes the brave and adventurous Bilbo Baggins.

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14. Gandalf's Fireworks

The first chapter in the Tolkien books became one of our favourite moments of the movies. The entire scene allows the audience to glimpse into the life of Hobbiton, and as Gandalf brings his famous fireworks, we see just how magical our favourite Wizard is.

This leads to a pretty entertaining part of the movie as Merry and Pippin purposefully ignite the largest firework they can find. As it launches into the air, an enflamed Dragon sweeps through the air, terrifying the residents of Hobbiton. Their terror quickly transforms to awe and wonder as a huge display of multi-coloured fireworks light up the night sky.

The who sequence shows how captivating and imaginative Tolkien’s world could be.

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13. Lothlorien & Galadriel

After the “death” of Gandalf, the Fellowship find their way to the forest of Lothlorien and Lady Galadriel. This becomes a point in the story where Frodo discovers the consequences for Middle Earth, if he should fail.

Looking into the Mirror of Galadriel, Frodo freely offers the ring to the Lady of Lothlorien resulting in her almost succumbing to the One Ring. It is a shocking moment and proves the addictive power of Sauron’s Ring and the danger of what is to come should Frodo fail in his mission.

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12. Flying Nazgûl

They were the frightening Wraiths riding red-eyed horses that we all thought were washed away by Arwen in the Fellowship of the Wing. But, Sauron’s most devoted servants are much harder to kill than your average Orc.

As Frodo, Sam and Gollum make their way across the Dead Marshes in The Two Towers, the Nazgul return, though this time around, they’ve upgraded. Out are the horses and instead are monstrous flying beasts. The reveal is immense, slowly showing the winged monsters in all their terrifying glory. Suddenly the Nazgul’s presence becomes even more of a threat.

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11. Minas Tirith Battle

It is the “battle to end all battles”, so many will be surprised why is takes our number 11 slot. Though the sequence is epic, we felt another battle was superior – but more on that later on in our list!

The Battle for Minas Tirith is the culmination of the other two movies, and pits most of Sauron’s armies against the forces of good. It is here where we see the majority of characters come together and fight to save Middle Earth, as each character gets their moment to save the day. It is a stunning sequence which sets up the beginning of the epic finale.

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10. Boromir's Death

Taking us back to the first movie, the death of Boromir (Sean Bean) became one of the sadder moments in the Trilogy. As he fights to defend Merry and Pippin he takes numerous arrows to the chest.

The way Jackson shoots the scene only adds to its power. As the first arrow strikes, the music cuts, instead honing in on the gasping tones of Boromir. Though, it is the touching interaction between him and Aragorn at the end that really pulls at the heart strings.

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9. The Prologue

For those who had never read The Hobbit, or any of the Lord of the Ring’s books, the opening prologue was the best idea from Peter Jackson. The five-minute sequence which delves into the creation of the One Ring, the fall of Sauron and the discovery of the ring by Bilbo Baggins, is beautifully crafted.

It also allows audiences to fully understand the power of the One Ring and where the movie takes off from.

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8. The Mines of Moria

It was the route Gandalf hoped the Fellowship wouldn’t take but left with no option, the company make their way into the bowels of the Dwarf City of Moria. As they enter they discover that the Mines have been overrun with Orcs, who after a standoff have awoken a pretty frightening demon – but more of that later on!

The Moria sequence provides some of the best parts of the Trilogy and shows the bravery of the Fellowship against a formidable foe.

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7. Rivendale

Featured in both The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings trilogy’s, Rivendale is the home of Lord Elrond. It is the place where the Fellowship is declared and where Frodo is set on his quest to destroy the One Ring. It is also the place where the company of Dwarves and Bilbo rest before heading to the Lonely Mountain.

Rivendale plays a vital part in both series of movies and is beautifully visualised on the screen. Mixing waterfalls, rivers and trees against stunning, fluid architecture, Jackson brings Tolkien’s imagination to life.

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6. Gollum

He is, without doubt, Tolkien’s most complex character. Gollum is introduced fully in The Two Towers after stalking the Fellowship through the Mines of Moria and beyond. The split personality, one being Smeagol – the Hobbit Gollum once was – and the other being Gollum consistently fight one another.

The motion-capture performance by Andy Serkis was revolutionary for its time and captured the complexity of the character perfectly. Gollum takes out sixth position due to the importance he would eventually have in unfolding the entire plot of Tolkien’s epic.

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5. Sauron Destroyed

Watching the destruction of Sauron and the crumbling of Bara-dur is exceptionally satisfying. As the fiery eye of the Dark Lord dissipates into nothing and Mordor tumbles to the ground, seeing the success of Frodo and Sam’s actions bring the epic conclusion of Jackson’s mammoth storytelling to a wonderful conclusion.

The entire sequence is brilliantly shot, fully encapsulating the moment where good defeats evil. No wonder it makes our top 5 shot.

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4. Helms Deep

The epic battle from The Two Towers is, quite simply, one of the greatest battles put on screen. It has resulted in numerous memes and hilarious skits and has fully become iconic within the movie world.

The sprawling set of Helms Deep was truly immersive and created a battle was event filmmaking at its best.

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3. Smaug

It was the moment all hardcore Tolkien fans had been waiting for, the introduction to one of the author’s most famous characters, Smaug.

The Dragon who captured Erebor and the Lonely Mountain didn’t appear until the second Hobbit movie, The Desolation of Smaug but fans went crazy when he was eventually revealed.

Voiced by Benedict Cumberbatch, Smaug stalked Bilbo and the dwarves through the bowels of Erebor, resulting in the Dragon eventually breaking out of the Lonely Mountain and heading to destroy Lake Town.

To see Smaug fully realised on the silver screen was incredibly special which is why it starts our top 3 picks.

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2. "You shall not pass!"

A phrase that has become synonymous with both The Lord of the Rings and Ian McKellen, once again we’re back in the Mines of Moria and at the Bridge of Khazad Dum. Gandalf famously faced the fire demon, the Balrog and uttered the phrase now definitive with the franchise, “You shall not pass!”

Sadly, Gandalf would fall to his “death”, though would return as Gandalf the White in the Two Towers.

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1. The Ring Destoyed

It is the moment the entire series built up to, even the Hobbit films which came after the epic finale. The destruction of the One Ring was the mission set out in the Fellowship of the Ring, but the demise would from the most unexpected place – Gollum.

Tracking Frodo and Sam into Mt Doom, Gollum would eventually bite off Frodo’s finger taking the Ring for himself. It would lead to him falling into the lava with the One Ring, thus ending the evil reign of Sauron.

It was an epic conclusion that was worthy of Tolkien’s masterful vision and brought the whole saga to a satisfying conclusion. For this, the destruction of the One Ring takes our top spot of the greatest Middle Earth moments.

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