Royal Corner

Kate's 'Hold Still' Book Becomes an Instant Bestseller

The Duchess of Cambridge celebrated the release of her bestselling photography book 'Hold Still' by leaving hidden copies across the UK.

By Jonathan Reed

MAY 7th, 2021

Kate Inspires Royal Fanbases' Baby Fundraiser

A new fundraiser launches today in celebration of the upcoming 10th Wedding Anniversary of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Catherine's 10th year as working member of the Royal Family.

By Jonathan Reed

APRIL 24th, 2021

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge Return to Royal Duties

William and Kate visited RAF Air Cadets 282 Squadron to hear about how they've managed throughout the pandemic and to also honour the Duke's late grandfather, Prince Philip.

By Jonathan Reed

APRIL 21st, 2021


America's Darkest Political Day

As shameful images were projected around the world to a global audience of horrified allies – and gleeful enemies - surely, President Trump must be removed from Office, immediately.

By Jonathan Reed

JANUARY 7th, 2021

An American Nightmare

On a night which saw American politics dive deeper into the divisive and destructive fray, is anyone really a winner from last night's debate?

By Jonathan Reed

SEPTEMBER 30th, 2020

Covid Conundrum

Is the UK leaving one devastating pandemic, only to blindly walk into a group of others? Some experts certainly think so.

By Jonathan Reed

AUGUST 27th, 2020