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10 Best Online Newsletters

As the likelihood of a second lockdown grows, we look at the best online newsletters to keep you occupied in a covid-19 world.

OCTOBER 20th, 2020

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ith lockdown leaving many people running out of ideas to keep them occupied, online newsletters have seen a surge in support. So, we decided to run down the 10 best newsletters out there for you to enjoy. From mental health, gaming, movies and travel, there is something for everyone. Take a look at our list below and subscribe to the newsletters which interest you.

Empire Magazine

© Empire Magazine

Is there a better magazine for movie news, reviews and features than Empire Magazine? It’s highly doubtful, and for the UK’s No.1. movie “bible” the magazine’s newsletter is a vital outlet for all thing’s movies.

Released weekly every Friday, the newsletter rounds-up the latest reviews, news and exclusives and the editors have done a phenomenal job compiling an assortment of articles at a time when the movie industry has stalled.

Their exclusives are unrivalled and reviews constructive and fair. So, if movies are your thing choose Empire to feed your film cravings. You won’t regret it.

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© Sneakers.

One of the newest newsletters, Sneakers was created by Scott Henderson – former editor and content director of Men’s Health Australia. Utilising his knowledge on men’s health, Sneakers couldn’t have come at a better time.

With the effects of lockdown causing devastating ramifications on mental health, Sneakers is a valuable and, equally entertaining newsletter (and website) which combines interviews, advice and professional knowledge to help better achieve self-improvement.

Why ‘Sneakers’, you ask? Well, they describe it best themselves: “Whenever you put on a pair of sneakers, you are taking a deliberate step towards self-improvement. Whether at work, home, the gym or out in nature, sneakers are the unofficial uniform of personal development.”

Mind, Fitness, Nutrition, Grooming, Style and Travel are the subjects promoted by Sneakers, and enable a broad and diverse look at the differing facets of life. With a simple design, it’s a phenomenal newsletter, and one which needs to become a staple addition to your reading lists in these uncertain and testing times.

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Your Royal Appointment

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The Royal Family is a subject which has consistently instigated much interest. In recent years that curiosity has increased and with numerous royal biographies, engagements and the occasional scandal, Camilla Tominey – Associate Editor of The Telegraph – has produced the best royal newsletter in the world of royalty.

With insightful op-eds, features and exclusives, Camilla’s Your Royal Appointment provides some of the best royal commentary out there. Her analysis is forensic, and her expertise is unrivalled, after all, it was Camilla who broke the story on the relationship between Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

For royal fans, her newsletter is the go-to for all your royal needs.

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The Lonely Planet

© The Lonely Planet

Whilst the world is in some form of lockdown, travel has become much more restricted, yet if you are looking for inspiration on where to visit once the pandemic is over (fingers crossed) then The Lonely Planet is the perfect newsletter for you.

Ram-packed with travel inspiration, tips and exclusive offers, the newsletter compiles the best advice specifically for you. Combining interviews with reviews and personal travel diaries, The Lonely Planet makes you feel anything but alone.

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The Climate Crisis

© The New Yorker

Climate change is arguably the biggest global threat we collectively as the human race are facing, and The New Yorker has created a brand-new newsletter in 2020: The Climate Crisis. Edited by Bill McKibben, the newsletter brings together the best experts and their vision of the future of our planet.

Combing analysis, op-eds, studies and research, The Climate Crisis is a through-provoking, optimistic and fact-based outlet which looks to educate, inform and inspire to take action to protect our natural habitats.

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The Interface

© The Verge

The world of tech is slowly dominating with new products and initiatives announced daily. In a pandemic world, we have come to rely on our phones, computers and other technology as a way of communication and sourcing news. The Verge offers The Interface – a daily newsletter which tackles social media platforms and democracy.

Edited by Casey Newton, the newsletter looks to shine light on the impact of our social media presence on the world of politics and society. It is an insightful, knowledgeable and in places eye-opening look into the world of social media and how ingrained its presence is in our day-to-day lives.

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The Conversation

© The Conversation

Fake news travels six-times faster online than real news – a statistic which is both damning and frightening. The Conversation is looking to fight back against disinformation by providing news direct from actual experts.

Initially launched in Australia in 2011, the newsletter came to the UK in May 2013 and works with university and research institute experts to ‘unlock their knowledge for use by the wider public.’

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Off the Shelf

© Off the Shelf

If TV, gaming or movies are not your thing and instead you like to get lost inside the pages of a book the Off the Shelf is a perfect newsletter for you. With the option between a daily or monthly newsletter, subscribers can create a personalised outlet which is specifically designed for their individual tastes.

Reviews, recommendations, new releases and features, Off the Shelf is a brilliant newsletter for all your literary needs.

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© Aesop

The Australian cosmetic brand is renowned for its wonderful plant-based, laboratory-made beauty products, yet every month, Aesop also releases a global newsletter featuring an assortment of diverse subjects.

Architecture, food, cinema, gardening, interviews and events happening across the world are brought together in an aesthetically pleasing newsletter with nicely ends with an uplifting quote.

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Business of Fashion

© Business of Fashion

Divided into three sections – Today’s Must Read, Daily Digest and BoF Careers, Business of Fashion is a clear structured newsletter which provides daily emails to subscribers with the latest news on fashion business and analysis.

Since moving onto a more mainstream online presence, their newsletter has become more dynamic in its approach and content. From reports, opinions and the latest trends, Business of Fashion is a unique news source which is quick to read and designed to your individual interests.

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