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Prince William Tops New Poll For Head of State

The Duke of Cambridge has been voted the British public's top choice as an elected Head of State with David Attenborough in second place.

MARCH 17th, 2021

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he Duke of Cambridge has been voted the UK’s most preferred elected Head of State in a new poll conducted by YouGov for The Times Newspaper. Red Box, The Times daily newsletter, compiled the top 20 choices of those picked, with Prince William being the top choice by those polled.

The Duke received 12% of the overall vote, polling best with Conservative voters who overwhelmingly chose the future king as their preferred choice. Labour voters placed William in third place, behind Sir David Attenborough and Jeremy Corbyn – although out of the members of the Royal Family included he was their top choice. In the same poll Sir David came in second place overall, with the Queen in third – though amongst Liberal Democrat voters she was their top choice. Boris Johnson came behind the option ‘Me’ – meaning the individuals polled – and was followed by actor and writer Stephen Fry.

The full results from The Times poll conducted by YouGov. - © The Times/Red Box

The Duke of Cambridge came ahead of his father Prince Charles and brother Prince Harry who received 3% and 2% of the vote respectively. The Duchess of Cambridge landed in 13th place, though was only one of three female members of the Royal Family who made the list. Princess Anne came in 17th place.

Other notable figures featured in the list included New Zealand’s Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern, Nigel Farage, Joanna Lumley and interestingly, Piers Morgan – who recently quit ‘Good Morning Britain’ over claiming he didn’t believe the Duchess of Sussex’s claims in an interview with Oprah Winfrey.

The results indicated that if the UK ever became a republic with an elected Head of State instead of an hereditary one, 1 in 4 people would choose a senior royal anyway.

The poll comes after the persisting fallout over that interview with Oprah, which has continued to make waves around the world. With accusations of racism levelled at the Monarchy, there have been concerns that the “Firm’s” reputation has taken a hit across the Commonwealth and further afield.

In the UK however, whilst many sympathised with Meghan Markle’s revelation to suicidal thoughts whilst as a working member of the Royal Family, and were shocked by the allegations of racism against the Monarchy, the majority of the British public have seemingly sided with the Queen and the Royal Family – if the polls are to be believed. A YouGov poll conducted in the aftermath of the UK’s airing of the interview showed that Prince Harry and Meghan’s popularity had plummeted to its lowest numbers ever, with the Prince taking the biggest hit and ending with a negative net rating for the first time.

HM The Queen came in 3rd place with Sir David Attenborough in 2nd. - © ITV

However, in the same poll the split in popularity was clear amongst age divisions, with younger people sympathising with Harry and Meghan. Though the Monarchy still held some sway in public affection. In America too, the public were far more sympathetic to the Sussexes with 67% of those polled siding with the couple.

This latest poll does make for interesting reading, considering the turmoil around the Royal Family. It shows that there is still an appetite for a monarchy, and that Prince William still holds a high level of popularity amongst the British public.

This recent poll in The Times was conducted between March 9-10, and asked 1,680 people.

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