William and Kate's Greatest Legacy

After the star-struck responses to Sir David Attenborough by Prince George, Princess Charlotte & Prince Louis, the monarchy are beginning to reap the benefits of their "normal" upbringing.

By Jonathan Reed

SEPTEMBER 27th, 2020

Why Royal Body Shaming Has To Stop

As Tatler remove large parts of their "misogynistic" and "sexist" article, is the time of royal bodyshaming finally coming to an end?

By Jonathan Reed

SEPTEMBER 21st, 2020

A Modern Queen: Part 2

After the King's Death, The Queen Mother quickly redefined herself as a modern Queen whose commitment to the betterment and stability of the Monarchy is still felt today.

By Jonathan Reed

SEPTEMBER 20th, 2020

Kate Teases Release of 5 Big Questions Results

The Duchess of Cambridge will release 5 Big Findings throughout this week from the "biggest survey of its kind ever conducted."

By Jonathan Reed

NOVEMBER 23rd, 2020

Kate Is World's Most Stylish Royal

A new survery has found that the Duchess of Cambridge is the "world's most stylish royal" proving that the "Kate-Effect" isn't going anywhere.

By Jonathan Reed

NOVEMBER 17th, 2020

No, We Didn't Need To Know Prince William Had Covid

With reports confirming that The Duke of Cambridge battled coronavirus in April, the faux outrage is more than bizarre.

By Jonathan Reed

NOVEMBER 2nd, 2020