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RESULTS: Favourite Royal Family Member 2020

You voted to pick your favourite royal family member of 2020. So who came out on top? See the results below!

DECEMBER 30th, 2020

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020 has been a dramatic year for the Royal Family, yet throughout the ups and downs, we have seen some members step away from the royal fray and others step up to the plate. The result has been the reveal of the Queen’s “Magnificent Seven”, yet as 2020 comes to a close, who was your favourite member of the royal family? We’ve finally compiled the results to see which royal came on top, and the result provided a resounding winner!

14. HRH The Duke of York (Prince Andrew) - (3 votes, 0%)

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It was the year when the past caught up with the present for Prince Andrew, add in a disaster of an interview and it isn’t surprising that the Duke of York has come last in our poll. Andrew faced continued allegations of abuse against Virginia Giuffre, consistent questions over his involvement in Ghislaine Maxwell and Jeffrey Epstein’s sordid and criminal affairs, and has of yet made true on his promise to provide information to the FBI to help with the ongoing investigations.

2021 looks likely to be a similar year as 2020 for the Queen’s son as his continued expulsion from the Royal Family will most likely become permanent. Though his royal life could be the least of his worries as more and more pressure is piled on top of Andrew to assist authorities to help with their investigations, which now includes French police too.

It hasn’t all been bad for the Duke of York; his eldest daughter Beatrice got married in a secret and private wedding and his youngest daughter Eugenie announced that she and husband Jack Brooksbank are expecting their first child together.

13. HRH Princess Beatrice - (22 votes, 0.2%)

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2020 was a huge year for Princess Beatrice after getting married to her fiancé Edoardo Mapelli Mozzi. Having had to postpone the wedding numerous times, the Queen’s granddaughter decided on a private a simple wedding surrounded by her close family.

Beatrice wore a stunning wedding dress which had once belonged to her grandmother, The Queen, which was refitted for the ceremony.

Throughout 2020, the Princess has also continued to promote her charitable patronages, specifically the Teenage Cancer Trust, Child In Crisis and offered her support for children with Dyslexia.

2021 looks to be a bright year for the Princess, who will enter the new year happily married and becoming an Aunt for the first time too.

12. The Duke of Sussex (Prince Harry) - (26 votes, 1.2%)

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What a rollercoaster year it has been for Prince Harry. He stepped back as a working member of the Royal Family, plunged into a rift with his older brother Prince William, lost his military titles, moved to Canada, then Los Angeles, then Santa Barbara, signed a multi-million-dollar deal with Netflix, as well as Spotify, sued every possible British newspaper out there, saw his popularity amongst the British public plummet, and called us all “raindrops” – phew!

2020 was perhaps a year that the Prince will most likely wish to forget, and although relationships between Harry and William seemed to have thawed, in 2021 the Sandringham Summit will meet for their review on the Sussexes new life outside the Royal Family. With increasing pressure upon the Queen to make the split between the Monarchy and the Sussexes more “permanent”, it looks highly unlikely the dramatics of 2020 will abate anytime soon.

It hasn’t all been bad, the Duke has some projects lined up through his Archewell Foundation, and the Invictus Games looks likely to return in 2021 at the Hague. Also, it is expected that Harry will return to the UK for the unveiling of the statue in commemoration of his mother, Princess Diana, too. Over in America the Duke has also helped with food charities and other charitable engagements alongside his wife Meghan.

11. HRH The Earl of Wessex (Prince Edward) - (31 votes, 1.4%)

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Working behind-the-scenes has been Prince Edward’s approach, and it is one which has enabled him to carve out a pretty successful position within the Royal Family. With the expectation that the Earl of Wessex will become the next Duke of Edinburgh, he has since taken over the Duke of Edinburgh Award and managed to continue its long-established connection with young people.

2020 has also seen Edward step up in service to the monarchy throughout the pandemic. Helping make food parcels and speaking with NHS staff on the frontline have been but a small fraction of the work Edward has done this year.

Next year looks just as busy (coronavirus depending) as the Earl alongside his wife Sophie look set to expand their charitable trust – The Earl and Countess of Wessex Trust. The trust will continue its focus on the youth, providing grants and support to charities helping young people.

10. HRH Princess Eugenie - (33 votes, 1.5%)

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2020 was a big year for Princess Eugenie, though 2021 looks to be even bigger. After announcing her pregnancy earlier this year, the new arrival will finally arrive in 2021, much to the excitement of the Princess and her husband Jack Brooksbank.

The Princess has been a major champion of the NHS nurses and doctors this year, bombarding her Instagram timeline with charitable support, including food parcels and general thanks. This isn’t a surprise as Eugenie was personally affected by the coronavirus pandemic after her father-in-law became ill with the virus. They Princess made a poignant and emotive thank you video to the NHS staff who had saved his life.

Looking forward to next year, Eugenie will continue her joint focus on the Teenage Cancer Trust alongside her sister Beatrice and mother Sarah, Duchess of York. She also plans to expand her focus on The Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital, of which helped her recover after her own surgery when she was younger.

9. HRH The Princess Royal (Princess Anne) - (77 votes, 1.8%)

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In 2020, it seemed the world fell in love with Princess Anne all over again. Her titanic work-ethic, blunt analysis of the world and good-humoured approach to life struck a chord with the public. This year the Princess Royal celebrated her 70th birthday and ITV aired a special documentary celebrating the occasion.

The program highlighted the modern thinking of the Princess. Before the likes of Princess Diana, or the younger royals – Princess Anne was a genuine trend setter, long before the term was commonly used. Though if there was ever a highlight for Princess Anne in 2020, it is her response to being asked whether she knows what Twitter is: “I know what Twitter is, but I wouldn’t go anywhere near it if you paid me frankly.”

8. HRH Duke of Edinburgh (Prince Philip) - (80 votes, 2%)

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99-years-old, one-hundred next year – Prince Philip may have retired, but the public still adore the Queen’s “rock”. In 2020, the Duke made a rare appearance as he handed over his role of Colonel-in-Chief of The Rifles at Windsor Castle. The Duke looked well and gave a cheerful wave as the ceremony finished.

Philip also celebrated his 99th birthday by released a new photo alongside the Queen and also celebrated his 73rd wedding anniversary with another photograph of the couple reading a card made by Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis.

2021 looks to be a landmark year for the Duke (literally) as he celebrates his 100th birthday! As is expected, Philip has apparently already claimed he doesn’t wish to make a fuss, though after 68 years of royal service before retiring, and having served his country for most of his long life, no member of the Royal Family has deserved a bigger celebration than he.

7. HRH Prince of Wales (Prince Charles) - (129 votes, 3.3%)

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It has been a year of triumphs for Prince Charles, but also ghosts. Having finally found a younger public audience who share in his passion for the environment, we have seen the Prince’s work around this area take flight. Furthermore, throughout the pandemic the Prince’s Trust has been actively supporting young people get back into employment and offer advice and counselling too.

It hasn’t all been an easy ride though, at the start of the pandemic Charles became ill with coronavirus, and though his symptoms were mild it was claimed the Prince’s falling ill was the catalyst with which brought his two warring sons back on speaking terms.

Illness hasn’t been the only unfortunate element of this year for Prince Charles, another emerged in the shape of his former marriage to Princess Diana through Netflix’s The Crown. The fourth season finally reached the beginning of the War of the Wales and the program hardly shone a sympathetic light on the future king.

The backlash against Charles and subsequently Camilla was fierce, with their PR team deciding to block anyone commenting on their social media posts. Furthermore, anger was thrown at the makers of the The Crown and historical inaccuracies and fabricated storylines were promoted as the truth. Described as “trolling but on a Hollywood budget”, the Prince’s friends have continued their attacks against the show, which look likely to continue when Season 5 is released in the future.

6. The Duchess of Sussex (Meghan) - (133 votes, 3.6%)

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Similarly, to her husband, Prince Harry, it has been a dramatic year for the Duchess of Sussex. Having been a frontline royal for less than two-years, Meghan has found herself back in Los Angeles, facing negative backlash and scrutiny from the press and British public, suing a media giant for alleged copyright infringement on a personal letter and dipping her toes into the political fray - it’s been a journey.

2020 started off in intense style after Meghan, alongside her husband Prince Harry, decided to walk away from royal duties. A controversial royal biography, Finding Freedom, was then released which attempted to pull back the curtain on the inside drama between the Sussexes and the Royals, which further divided opinion of the new Duchess. The result of the fallout, which accumulated at the Commonwealth Service in Westminster Abbey earlier this year, saw Meghan and Harry heading to California, via Vancouver.

It hasn’t been completely quiet since. The Duchess narrated an Elephant documentary for Disney, launched a start-up company for an array of healthy lattes, signed deals with Netflix and Spotify, and there are rumours abound that she could be following in the footsteps of Prince Charles and penning her own fictional novel.

2021 looks to have the potential to be just as dramatic as 2020, with the Sandringham summit review expected in March. For Meghan it is likely that her activism will continue across her passions as she continues to release the Archewell Foundation in 2021.

5. HRH Countess of Wessex (Sophie) - (177 votes, 3.9%)

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2020 will be known as the year that the Countess of Wessex finally stepped out from the shadows. For royal fans, Sophie’s work has always been appreciated, yet this year the wider public finally got to see the impressive work that the Countess does.

From supporting our frontline workers, to promoting the care and equality of young girls, Sophie has been a fundamental part of the Royal’s approach to the pandemic. She has actively carved out a warm appeal and has consistently supported the Queen through 2020 and will most likely continue to in the years ahead.

She hasn’t been dubbed the Royal Family’s “secret weapon” for nothing.

4. HRH Duchess of Cornwall (Camilla) - (311 votes, 6%)

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Throughout her time connected to The Royal Family, public perception of the Duchess of Cornwall hasn’t always been positive. Yet, over the last decade her popularity has grown, as has the public reaction to her. 2020 saw Camilla face the storms with ease and poise.

As is her approach she has taken most events, good and bad, with humour and a cheeky wink. Take the response to The Crown – the Duchess was claimed to be excited to see the new season, and when asked if she would be offended by how she would be portrayed, a close friend claimed Camilla “would find the whole thing funny”.

Irrespective of the dramas surrounding her, Camilla hasn’t put a foot wrong this year. She has continued her valued work with Domestic abuse survivors, delivering a poignant and moving speech earlier this year. She has promoted the incredible work of service dogs helping to fight COVID-19 and even brought her own Jack Russell to unveil a plaque at the Battersea Dog’s Home in London.

Sadly, there will always be those who will hold the past over the Duchess, but if 2020 is anything to go by, Camilla will take it in her humorous and stoic stride.

3. HM The Queen - (588 votes, 11%)

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She has been the nation’s rock this year – it’s that simple. The Queen has faced many perilous moments throughout her long reign. Scandal, marriage breakdowns, fires, deaths and war – she’s seen it all, reigned through it all – and yet 2020 offered a new experience for the 95-year-old monarch – a pandemic.

At a time when the nation was unsure, scared and anxious, and as the country was plunged into a nationwide lockdown, the Queen – as ever – was there to reassure us all. In delivering a passionate and flawless speech, one of which many commentators believe will be forever known as her greatest, Her Majesty expertly offered comfort to her people. In doing so, she reminded us all that there is no other leader in the world who can do what she does, create true royal magic.

2021 will be another big year for the Queen, she will welcome two new great-grandchildren, celebrate her husband’s 100th birthday and become ever closer to being the world’s longest serving monarch in history. Yet, there will also be the Sandringham Summit to contend with, where she will effectively decide the future relationship between the monarchy and the Sussexes.

This year has been a turbulent one for the Queen, yet throughout all the madness and mayhem, she has remained resolute in her dutybound approach. She has never once faltered, broken-down or caused a fuss, she has been a stabilising force in world which has seemed growingly unstable. If 2020 has taught us anything, it is how lucky we are to have her.

2. HRH The Duke of Cambridge (Prince William) - (637 votes, 12%)

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2020 has been a mammoth year for the Duke of Cambridge, not in terms of engagement numbers, but significance. This year, Prince William has actively shown the British public the type of king he will be when he takes the throne. Amalgamating the traditional with the modern, William has begun to define his position within the monarchy, and if anything, assert his diplomatic power, both internally and externally.

It hasn’t been a quiet year by any stretch of the imagination. The fallout with his younger brother Prince Harry has caused much distress and personal angst. Yet in the Sandringham Summit, it is believed that William pursued the “in or out” approach to Harry and Meghan’s future. Furthermore, in the decision surrounding Prince Andrew to relinquish royal duties, it was William who ultimately brought down the gauntlet.

What this shows, is that the Duke of Cambridge isn’t fearful of putting duty first. It is his way of proving his commitment to the institution with which he will lead, as well as his eldest son Prince George.

Yet, next year looks to be an exciting year for Prince William. The first Earthshot Prize ceremony will take place in London, a potential royal tour could happen after a visit to Australia was cancelled, the Duke will celebrate his tenth wedding anniversary with his wife the Duchess of Cambridge, and bit by bit, he will assert himself as a king-in-waiting.

1. HRH The Duchess of Cambridge (Catherine) - (2902 votes, 56%)

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“Waity Katy” is no more (though she also never was), and 2020 proved it. For all the early negative press that Kate Middleton received when she began dating Prince William, Catherine’s regal transformation into the “firm’s” most trusted member (besides the Queen) is complete.

2020 has been a year that no royal member saw coming, and yet through all the drama and fallouts, the Duchess of Cambridge has rarely put a single foot wrong. This year, Catherine launched an initiative to capture the nations response to the pandemic. Named Hold Still, the campaign brought together 100 portraits which made the public laugh and cry. Alongside her early years work, including the biggest ever children survey of its kind, Catherine has proved to the world that her quiet and shy demeanour shouldn’t be underestimated.

Yet, there have been some less than appealing moments. The fallout from the Sussexes departure caused frictions between the former “fab four”, and an accompanying biography unfairly dragged the Duchess through the mud. Yet, she has been unmoved by it all. Never once has the smile left her face or retaliated. She has, in essence, enacted the mantra of the Queen: “Never complain, never explain.”

2021 looks like an exciting year for the Duchess. Further projects are set to be released around her early years work and Catherine looks likely to further cement her role as the UK’s future Queen Consort. It is also likely that the Duchess will seek to put the dramas of 2020 behind her and look to the future.

It is therefore no surprise, that with over half of the vote, the Duchess of Cambridge has been voted our readers No.1 member of the Royal Family.

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