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The Queen of Face Masks

As the Duchess of Cambridges' floral face mask sells out, the 'Kate-effect' is quickly becoming a formidable force in helping adjust to the 'new normal'.

AUGUST 9th, 2020 (UPDATED: AUGUST 13th, 2020)

The Duchess of Cambridge wears the Amaia 'Liberty Print' mask - © Getty Images


he Duchess of Cambridge is renowned for her fashion. Every outfit she wears instantly sells out with the public actively trying to emulate her regal style. The fashion world has dubbed the reaction as ‘the Kate-Effect’, and it seems as if it has struck once again, although this time it isn’t her dresses, shoes or jewellery, but something altogether different – face masks.

Since her engagement in Sheffield, South Yorkshire, to help launch and promote Baby banks across the UK – the Duchess’ floral mask has sold out. Designed by Amaia, the ‘Liberty Print’ mask costs £15 with 30% of the proceeds from each purchase going to NHS Charities Together.

Will and Kate wear masks whilst visiting a care home in Wales - © Getty Images

Whilst across the UK demand for floral masks have increased, globally they have soared. Data and trends marketing company SEMrush have revealed that Google searches rocketed by 248% around the world, with a 66% increase in the United States since August 8. Between August 5 and 8 – over just three days – the spikes in searches were truly impressive with 317.67% in the U.S. and 194.12% globally.

A spokesman for SEMrush stated: “These are huge numbers and will generate an unprecedented impact of wearing facemasks globally. The Duchess’ reach is proven through these statistics and should dampen any question on her influential presence on the world stage.”

The New Zealand Prime Minister came in second place in a survey conducted by SEMrush - © BBC

Further details from the report show how the Duchess is miles ahead of other world figures when it comes to influencing opinion on facemasks. A survey conducted by SEMrush found that out of the participants asked 87% felt the Duchess of Cambridge had had a positive effect on wearing facemasks. Jacinda Ardern came in second place with 73%.

The Duchess of Cambridge launches her Baby Bank initiative. - © The Royal Family Channel

Within 24 hours of the Duchess stepping out in the fashionable mask, the item had sold out. As a result, NHS Charities Together announced they had seen a 70% increase in donations within the first six hours – their biggest ever. Furthermore, due to the high level of demand for ‘floral style’ masks, the Duchess of Cambridge has been praised for normalising what many feels is an item which is obstructive to their day-to-day lives.

“We are immensely grateful to the Duchess of Cambridge for wearing and promoting the ‘Liberty Print mask’ which 30% of each purchase partly helps fund our initiative." A spokesperson told The Rumble Online.

"The Duchess, alongside her husband, have been incredibly supportive of NHS staff across the country and we thank them both for their continuing endeavour in championing one of our country’s greatest institutions.”

The Duchess donned a mask when visiting a Baby bank in Sheffield, South Yorkshire - © Getty Images

The Duchess dons a mask to follow Social Distancing rules - © Getty Images

Although the mask has sold out, digital fashion aggregator Lyst counted a massive 185% increase in searches for masks of a similar design, with the company crediting the Duchess for the surge in interest. Even health officials are impressed with the response and are now actively hoping to utilise the Duchess’ star power to continue to promote the changes to how Briton’s will live within the “new normal”.

According to one government source, even other countries, who are struggling with promoting their own ‘wear a mask’ policies are actively pursuing using the Duchess’ image to help “normalise” the message.

“The Duchess of Cambridge has seen a surge in popularity throughout the pandemic,” described the source. “Her ability to connect with the public is really bearing fruit and it hasn’t gone unnoticed, not only here in the UK but across the world, especially the US.

“People like her, and they trust her. There is an element of “if Kate can wear one, then so can I” mentality, I can’t underline how valuable that is.

“There have been meetings – certainly with global health and behavioural experts – on using the Duchess’ seemingly unstoppable star power to hammer home the message of wearing masks to the public.”

The Royal couple visit Shire Hall Care Home in Wales - © PA

That “unstoppable star power” seems to already be paying off, and it looks as if we’ll be seeing more engagements with Catherine and the rest of The Royal Family wearing masks. Places of Worship, museums and most public places across England will begin to implement mask wearing policies from this week. Across Wales and Scotland, these similar policies are under review.

To see more of Amaia's collection of face masks, you can see more here.

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