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Prince William Visited Homeless Charity Before Christmas

The Duke of Cambridge privately visited the homeless charity on three seperate occasions to offer support to those in need.

JANUARY 5th, 2021

The Duke of Cambridge pictured at The Passage - © The Passage


Christmas has been different this year for many, and throughout the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have been supporting the country as we battle throughout the pandemic. Today, it was revealed that the Duke has been visiting homeless charity The Passage in London, helping to pack food and meet with residents.

The visits happened on three separate occasions before Christmas and followed the COVID-19 Tier system policies which were enforced at the time. Sadly, due to the new national lockdown, visits like this will no longer happen until the number of cases in the UK decrease.

The Duke of Cambridge visited the charity in February 2019, just after it was announced he had become patron. - © Getty Images

On one of the visits, Prince William worked alongside volunteers; helping to prepare hot meals for residents who had recently been living on the streets, though now were staying in emergency hotel accommodation.

The Prince also spoke with residents about the experiences throughout the pandemic and the support they were receiving, specifically their mental health. The visits were organised within a private capacity, though images have since emerged of the Duke helping to pack meals for residents.

The Duke of Cambridge has been royal patron of The Passage since 2019. At the time Mick Clarke, Chief Executive said: “During His Royal Highness’ visits to The Passage, it has been very clear that he has a deep concern for those affected by homelessness and a real interest in our work.

“For His Royal Highness to further express his support for The Passage’s work by becoming our Royal Patron is a tremendous honour, and a testament to how much he genuinely cares about this issue".

Prince William used to visit Homeless shelters with his brother and mother, Princess Diana. - © Centrepoint

William’s passionate advocacy to support the homeless charity follows in the footsteps of his mother, Princess Diana, who famously took Princes William and Harry to homeless shelters to meet with residents. This early introduction resulted in the Duke of Cambridge becoming patron of the same homeless charity championed by his late mother, Centrepoint.

Similarly, like Centrepoint, throughout the pandemic The Passage has seen tremendous support from volunteers who have helped serve a staggering 70,000 meals to those in need during the previous two national lockdowns, one in April, the other in November.

Prince William was joined by his new wife, The Duchess of Cambridge in December 2011, shortly after their wedding. - © Getty Images

Mick Clarke described the work the charity has been doing, saying: “This year, more than ever, our army of volunteers have enabled The Passage to keep our vital services running throughout both lockdowns and the time in-between.

“From our emergency food hub to fundraising, outreach to essential office support, our Home for Good programme to our residential projects, we are extremely fortunate to have such a versatile and committed group of supporters.”

News of William’s visits comes after Buckingham Palace announced that the annual Garden Parties, which take place at Buckingham Palace and the Palace of Holyroodhouse, have been cancelled for 2021.

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