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Prince William's Top 10 Moments

As the Duke of Cambridge celebrates his 38th birthday, we look at his top 10 moments.

JUNE 21st, 2020

The Duke of Cambridge - © The Royal Family

Today marks the 38th birthday of the Duke of Cambridge, and our next Prince of Wales and future King has seen some impressive moments. Through his charitable work, public service and personal experiences, Prince William has redefined the role of royal prince whilst honouring the traditional. We look at the top 10 moments which have come to define the Duke of Cambridge.

10. A Little Prince is Born

© Iconic

Of course we had to start William’s birth, otherwise there would be no list in the first place.

Born in the same hospital as his children, Prince William made royal history the moment he entered the world. He is the first direct heir to the British throne to be born in a hospital and the first child born to a prince and princess of Wales since Prince John in 1905.

The news of William’s birth was met with jubilation. Members of the British public partied outside of Buckingham Palace with campaign excited that a future king had been born.

9. His ‘Harry Potter’ Scar

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For those who are avid fans of Prince William, this won’t be a new revelation. For those who perhaps aren’t then you’ll most likely be thinking – what scar?

The Duke was accidently hit by a golf club by his friend when he was young. The accident made headline news with him being rushed to hospital. Although the injury wasn’t serious, it did leave a noticeable scar on William’s forehead – one which he has nicknamed his ‘Harry Potter’ scar.

Why? According to the Duke it glows meaning some people notice it quicker than others.

8. William at Thorpe Park

© Airtime Footage

William was fortunate to have two loving parents who doted on his brother and himself. With Charles, William learnt about the importance of protecting the environment (specifically turning off light switches), and spent many holidays in the Scottish Highlands, which he loved.

With his mother, Diana, trips to McDonalds, homeless shelters and hospices opened his eyes to the world outside the gilded cage of Monarchy. Though one place provided images which have continually delighted royal fans – Thorpe Park.

The UK Theme Park was a popular destination for William and Harry alongside their mother and friends. William’s favourite ride was ‘Logger’s Leap’ – Europe’s tallest Log Flume. The now iconic photos of William, Harry, Diana and the Theme Park’s manager thoroughly enjoying themselves are a perfect reminder of how devoted Diana was to her two boys. They also are a stark look at how much William resembles his daughter, Princess Charlotte.

7. William and the Bumblebee


Since his birth, the public were desperate for more of The Royal Family’s latest addition. There pleas were answered in New Zealand where Charles and Diana showcased William – or Wombat as he was known – to the awaiting press.

The sweet images melted hearts and a featuring bumblebee toy, of which William tried to munch, sold out across the globe.

William’s appearance alongside his parent’s broke precedence, as an heir to the throne had never accompanied a royal tour at such a young age – another record set by the second-in-line.

6. William’s First Public Engagement

© Getty Images

When William was 8, another royal milestone was reached – his first public royal engagement.

The young prince accompanied his parents to Cardiff to celebrate St David’s Day and easily charmed the crowds. Shy and perhaps a little apprehensive, William impressed with his impeccable manners and boyish smile.

Prince Charles and Princess Diana were on hand to show their son the ropes, and guided William as he practiced his royal wave, accepting flowers, and meeting a range of new faces.

5. Dancing Prince


We’ve all heard of a ‘Dancing Queen’, but in 2007 we witnessed a ‘Dancing Duke’, as William showcased his “moves” at the concert in memory of his mother, Princess Diana.

Dancing to Nelly Furtado’s Maneater – William threw out his inhibition and showed the world his questionable rhythm, much to the embarrassment of his brother, Prince Harry.

It is perhaps footage that William wishes would vanish, but for the rest of us we love a dancing Prince!

4. The Prince's Gap Year

© Associated Press

Long before his time at St Andrew’s University, Prince William took a gap year at the age of 18. Traveling to Kenya, Tanzania, Botswana and Chile, the young Prince was able to experience the rarity of privacy – something he had always craved.

However, for the last leg of his travels, a camera crew filmed William as he worked with Raleigh International – an expedition charity – in Chile. There was huge excitement around the interview as it provided royal watchers with the first in-depth look at the young prince who was destined to become King.

Besides wowing audiences over his resemblance to his mother, Princess Diana, and teenage girls with his good looks; many were impressed with his work ethic and compassion.

It was a rare and unique look at how the young Prince was shaping up as he entered adulthood.

3. William Charms Israel

© Daily Mail

It was perhaps Prince William’s biggest test yet as a member of The Royal Family, and cemented his ability to be a leading force for good – his royal tour of Israel.

With ease, William navigated the choppy diplomatic and political landscape of the region and managed to charm the crowds – even under tight security.

He paid tribute to Holocaust victims at the Yad Vashem memorial, spoke with an adorable little girl in hospital and even managed to charm the British Embassy, with them tweeting “Until we meet again, Prince Charming” in Hebrew.

2. William Becomes a Dad


Perhaps one of the biggest – of should that be three of the biggest – moments in William’s life came in the shape of his three children, George, Charlotte and Louis.

Their births were international events, though with George, journalists and fans camped out of days before his arrival.

Those of us who had followed William’s life were beyond excited to see him become a father and start a family of his own. Each time the country erupted in celebration as a new royal was brought into the world, and William was beaming with excitement – and nerves – as he and Catherine presented their three children to the waiting media.

The Duke has stated that becoming a father is greatest yet scariest event to ever happen to him, though we think it has made him.

1. William Weds Catherine


Taking our No.1 spot is arguably William’s most iconic moment – the day of his wedding to Catherine Middleton.

Dubbed the ‘Wedding of the Decade’, William and Catherine’s nuptials were watched by just under 2 billion people worldwide. Wearing a dashing Irish Guard’s uniform for the event, William looked every inch a royal and perfectly matched the Alexander McQueen dress worn by Kate.

Following on from the ceremony at Westminster Abbey, thousands of royal fans waited with bated breath as the couple appeared on the iconic balcony of Buckingham Palace. The couple would later surprise well-wishers with two kisses, with William urging the second one.

The day was a huge moment for Prince William, as it marked the beginning of his life with the woman he loved, his role as The Duke of Cambridge, and the family which he has today.

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