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Malta Backtracks on Prince George Fallout

A spokeswoman confirms that the Maltese Government will not be pursuing any demand to return a fossil gifted to Prince George.

SEPTEMBER 29th, 2020

Sir David Attenborough meets the Cambridges - © KensingtonRoyal/Instagram


alta has backtracked over their complaint over a fossilised tooth gifted to Prince George by Sir David Attenborough. Malta’s Prime Minister, Robert Abela has spoken on the bizarre fallout saying: “We should avoid creating unnecessary controversies.” Furthermore, a spokeswoman for the Culture Secretary, Jose Herrera – who ignited the argument – changed tack also, stating: “Further to the initial remarks as reported in the Maltese media, minister Herrera would like to reiterate that no action was initiated or will be taken on the issue in question."

Prince George inspects his new fossil shark tooth - © KensingtonRoyal/Instagram

The fallout was instigated after photos emerged of Prince George being handed the 23 million-year-old artifact by the acclaimed Broadcaster. Herrera released a statement claiming that the fossil should be handed back to the country, though quickly after his statement was released the Maltese government faced criticism on social media.

The son of murdered anti-corruption journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia, who was killed in a car bombing in 2017, reacted to the news claiming the administration should be focusing on more important issues.

Galizia said: “A megalodon tooth costs $40 on eBay. Corruption has cost us billions of euros. I ask my government to prioritise and please get a grip on what’s important.”

Roberta Metsola MEP also added her condemnation to the demands by tweeting: “This is not satire. We have lost the plot. Rather than fight to get back the millions it allowed to be stolen in corruption, the Malta Government’s priority is now to engage in a battle with a little boy for a shark’s tooth given to him by the world’s leading natural historian.”

The condemnation continued further online with Twitter users commenting on whether the Maltese Government had “lost the plot” over the argument. “By all means, let’s get the shark tooth back – but the Maltese Government would better show the same enthusiasm in returning the hospitals back to the people and the millions of euros stolen from our families, Tweeted Adrian Delia, Leader of the Opposition in Malta.

Kensington Palace refused to comment, as did a representative for Sir David Attenborough.

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