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Kate Offers Support For Single-Mothers

The Duchess of Cambridge offers her support for single-mothers and hears how they've coped under the lockdown.

SEPTEMBER 22nd, 2020

The Duchess visited Battersea Park - © Getty Images


he Duchess of Cambridge stepped out today to speak with parents at the Old English Garden in Battersea Park, London, to learn more about how they are supporting each other during the coronavirus pandemic. Catherine talked with parents who had received help and support from a plethora of charities based across the country and spoke on the vital importance of community and companionship.

In a video chat meeting, the Duchess praised parents who have helped create a support network within their communities during the pandemic. She said: “A huge well done to all of you, I know there’s a big team of you out there in communities across the country.

Catherine wore a white top by Ralph Lauren, mauve high-waist trousers from M&S, and white canvas pumps by Superga. - © Getty Images

The Duchess spoke with parents who had received help from numerous chairites - © PA

“Both William and I hear about how vital these relationships are to families – they’re a real lifeline. So to you and your army of volunteers out there, a huge well done. I, like you, would love to see peer-to-peer support more embedded and celebrated in communities and society as a whole.”

The visit was a relaxed, socially distanced affair for Catherine, who was at ease in a white top by Ralph Lauren, mauve high-waist trousers from M&S, and white canvas pumps by Superga.

The Duchess of Cambridge met parents to learn about the importance of parent-powered initiatives - © Getty Images/The Royal Family Channel

One of the charities which spoke with the Duchess was Home-Start, a volunteer service which gives thousands of hours of help to parents tackling issues such as isolation, postnatal depression and bereavement. The visit came after a survey revealed two-thirds of mothers are not confident they can gain access to the right mental health support, and due to the pandemic, many were unable to speak to their GPs of families.

Single-mother Irma Martus, who used Home-Start after her 22-month-old son was diagnosed with Down’s syndrome, described the Duchess after their conversation, saying: “She said she was passionate about support for single mothers through peer support.”

Catherine described the visit to another mother, stating: “It’s good being able to listen and being listened while off guard. It is so important for your emotional well-being. With your experiences it’s so important that you’ve been through it. Without what you are providing, that form of relationship, you can feel isolated. You should be very proud.”

The Duchess wore a necklace dedicated to her three children, Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis - © Getty Images

The Duchess of Cambridge met parents to learn about the importance of parent-powered initiatives - © Getty Images

Fans quickly spotted that whilst the Duchess was visiting mothers and their children, her own weren’t far from her thoughts. A new piece of jewellery dedicated to Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis made its debut. The necklace featured three dangling charms engraved with the letter’s “G”, “C” and “L” and was layered with a chain by Spells of Love.

Catherine’s visit comes after her husband, the Duke of Cambridge, released the first-look trailer to his upcoming ITV documentary. Filmed over two-years, the programme titled, Prince William: A Planet For Us All, will follow William on his quest to see how best to protect the natural world.

The Duchess also released her Hold Still gallery, which featured 100 portraits taken throughout the pandemic to create a snapshot of the nation’s response of the lockdown.

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