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Kate Teases Release of 5 Big Questions Results

The Duchess of Cambridge will release 5 Big Findings throughout this week from the "biggest survey of its kind ever conducted."

NOVEMBER 23rd, 2020

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he Duchess of Cambridge has teased the launch of the next stage in her Early Years program by announcing that she will be revealing the results from her 5 Big Questions Survey throughout this week.

Appearing in a short video on the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s social media platforms, the mum-of-three stated that more than half-a-million people took part, making the survey the biggest of its kind ever conducted. Combining the survey’s findings, the Duchess and her team have combined the results with even more public research “to produce the UK’s biggest ever study on the early years.”

The survey’s results have been a question on many royal fans thoughts after the COVID-19 pandemic delayed the release. The Duchess referred to the pandemic in the short video announcement, reminding us all how important it is to communicate with one another.

“This year has been a hugely challenging time for us all and there hasn’t been a more important moment to talk about families,” she said.

Catherine also teased how the survey’s results would be released to the public: “Later on this week, we’ll share 5 Big Insights that we’ve discovered.” Though it was her next sentence that had royal fans excited, “And I will take your questions.”

So, will we be seeing the Duchess of Cambridge personally answering questions from the public on her work within the early years and the 5 Big Questions? We certainly hope so.

The Duchess will, however, take part in an online forum hosted by The Royal Foundation where she will give the keynote speech. Partnering with Ipsos MORI, Kate will reveal the full results which will go live on Friday, 27th November.

Kate visited Cardiff earlier this year and met with some of the families who took part in the survey. - © AFP

The early years has been a major direction of focus for the Duchess of Cambridge, who has combined many of her numerous patronages to achieve the same goal – to prepare and teach our future generations to look after their mental wellbeing. The 5 Big Questions is simply the beginning, and Catherine thanked the public “for starting a conversation, because we’re all on this journey together.”

It is an approach shared by the NSPCC who have said the project and it's results would be "a vital source of information, and will help shift the national direction of mental wellness amongst children."

The survey is expected to lead to major projects and initiatives, as well as partnerships, to provide as much help and assistance to families across the UK, and the Duchess has made it clear that this is not a “flash in the pan” project. For her, it is a life-long campaign.

“We are at the heart of raising the next generation,” she noted at the launch of the survey earlier this year. “The science proves the importance of the early years, but the next step is knowing how best to support parents and families to do the best job they can. I really believe so passionately in the early years, and being able to listen to how best we can provide support in communities across the country I think is really vital.”

Keep a look out over this week for more important announcement – and some pretty special surprises.

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