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Kate Backs Baby Banks

"Knowing you can make such a big difference to another family is wonderful.” The Duchess of Cambridge launches new drive to support the UK's baby banks.

AUGUST 5th, 2020

The Duchess visited Sheffield's Baby Bank Uk - © Getty Images


he Duchess of Cambridge has thrown her support behind baby banks, as she visited Baby Basics UK in Sheffield yesterday. The mother-of-three has pulled together 19 retail outlets to donate over 10,000 items to baby banks across the country. Iconic labels such as John Lewis, Marks & Spencer, Sainsbury’s and Tesco have donated cots, baby food, nappies, toys and clothes.

The Duchess, who has been a keen advocate on focusing on the early years, was inspired to highlight the work of these sought-after banks after an emotional visit to one in King’s Lynn.

“I remember a couple of the families I met from King’s Lynn and I went home and literally burst into tears, their stories were so moving,” she said.

“The struggles they have gone through, the bravery they have shown in extraordinary circumstances. Helping their families through extraordinary times. Knowing you can make such a big difference to another family is wonderful.”

The Duchess visits Sheffield's Baby Banks UK to launch new initiative - © Getty Images/The Royal Family Channel

The initiative is hoped to provide continued support to families who have been struck by the economic fallout of the pandemic, as well as those who simply need care and help in raising their children. Catherine also hopes that the campaign can bring attention to the impressive work baby banks do, and thanks to the Duchess’ involvement, that will now likely happen.

“A lot of people have heard about food banks but don’t necessarily know about the baby banks and what we do,” says Baby Basics UK CEO Cat Ross. “Having someone like the Duchess behind us is amazing and her helping us by getting in all these amazing brands has been incredible.”

To launch the campaign, Catherine has been working behind-the-scenes visiting baby banks close to her home in Norfolk. The Duchess made one such visit privately to a bank in May, and yesterday, donning a mask for the first time, visited Sheffield in South Yorkshire. Meeting with staff, she helped unpack donations, including toys and clothes and spoke with parents about the support they had received.

She also discussed the impact of the pandemic, particularly on children and what help there was available for families to access support.

Throughout the Coronavirus crisis, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have transferred much of their work and attention to the communities most affected by the pandemic. With the recent announcement of £1.8m worth of grants distributed across 10 mental health charities to support Frontline staff, the Duchess’s latest initiative continues to provide meaningful support to those in need.

The Duchess dons a mask to follow Social Distancing rules - © Getty Images

Kate had earlier visited her local bank in Norfolk in may - © Getty Images

Since becoming a member of The Royal Family, Catherine has focused much of her work on children. Through her 5 Big Questions Survery – of which the results are set to be announced soon – the Duchess has also appeared on the Happy Mum, Happy Baby podcast to speak about her own experiences as a mother. It has led many to fondly label her “The Children’s Princess”, in recognition of the support she has offered.

To learn more about baby banks and where your local bank is located you can visit Little Village's website here.

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