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Prince William's Earthshot Prize Announce New Global Partners

The Duke of Cambridge's Nobel-style environmentalism prize has announced a plethora of new global partners, with some of the world biggest brands backing his initiative.

SEPTEMBER 1st, 2021

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rince William’s Earthshot Prize is set to reveal the first nominees for the prestigious Nobel-style environmental award later this month, with the award ceremony itself planned for October in London. Though before the prizes are handed out, The Earthshot Prize has announced a new collection of influential business partners who will help support and scale the ground-breaking solutions developed by the soon-to-be-announced fifteen Earthshot Prize Finalists.

Leading companies from all over the world and from every corner of business have signed to partner with the multi-million pound initiative, including Microsoft, Arup, Bloomberg, Hitachi, IKEA, Unilever, Vodacom and Walmart to name a few. The companies involved will form the first Earthshot Prize Global Alliance Members. The influential names add to an already impressive collection of business partnerships, like WWF, National Geographic, Greenpeace, World Economic Forum, UN Environment Programme, as well as the Commonwealth Blue Charter and Prince Charles’ Sustainable Markets Initiative.

Prince William annonces the date of inaugural Earthshot Prize Awards Ceremony in London. - © The Earthshot Prize

These partners will assist the finalists enabling unparalleled access to resources across numerous professions and business sectors, including retail, supply chains, legal advice, business strategy, government relations, manufacturing and digital technology. The global reach of The Earthshot Prize will also be mirrored through the Global Alliance Members allowing finalists from around the world to be supported through headquarters in Africa, Asia, Europe, and North and South America.

By partnering with these companies and brands, a statement for The Earthshot Prize explained the importance of partnership: “Joining forces with these companies and brands will help the Finalists develop their solutions faster and have the greatest impact as they work to restore our planet.” They also revealed that more internationally influential companies will join the alliance over the next decade as the prize progresses.

Indra Nooyi, The Earthshot Prize Council member and former Chairman and CEO of PepsiCo commented on the announcement, saying: “Sustainability is fundamental to how business is conducted. Collaboration with the private sector is critical in order to propel sustainable environmental innovation. These companies can accelerate our progress toward a more sustainable future with their global reach and impact. By leveraging their expertise, size and scale, they can supercharge the adoption of solutions created by our Earthshot Prize Finalists and Winners — solutions that will ultimately improve lives around the world and restore our planet.”

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge alongside legendary broadcaster and The Earthshot Prize Council Member Sir David Attenborough - © PA

Although the pandemic had effectively shut the world for 18 months, with the announcement of the first award ceremony taking place on 17th October at the Alexandra Palace in London, The Earthshot Prize have been working non-stop behind the scenes over the last six-months searching for their fifteen finalists. Later this month the nominees will be announced with five eventually being awarded the £1m grant each to help develop their idea.

The inaugural Award ceremony will broadcast globally and sources have promised a plethora of A-List stars expected to attend, as well as founder Prince William and The Earthshot Prize Council Members, including Sir David Attenborough, Cate Blanchett, Shakira, Yao Ming, Her Majesty Queen Rania Al Abdullah and Daniel Alves Da Silva.

The Earthshot Prize was launched by Prince William in the hope of reversing the destruction to Earth’s natural resources and landscapes within the next decade. Taken from inspiration from President Kennedy’s ‘Moonshot’ initiative - to place man on the moon - the award is regarded as the biggest global prize in the world of environmentalism ever.

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