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RESULTS: The Best Wedding Cake

We love a good royal wedding, and a major part of the Big Day is the Wedding Cake, but which is your favourite. Take a look at the results to see which cake won!

DECEMBER 1st, 2020 (UPDATE: DECEMBER 14th, 2020)

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e love a royal wedding, and a huge part of the Big Day is the wedding cake. Throughout the years The Royal Family have presented some pretty EPIC cakes, though which is the best? From The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge's 8-tiered fruit cake, designed around "the story of flowers", right the way back to Queen Victoria's era defining masterpiece, which one has stood the test of time and will forever be known as "the best royal wedding cake"?

We’ve compiled all the results – where 1,290 of you voted – to find out what Royal wedding cake you believe is the best. Take a look at our list and see what position your favourite cake came in at.

9. Queen Victoria and Prince Albert's "Britannia and Ancient Greek cake" - (6 votes – 0.5%)

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Regarded as the first “Royal wedding Cake”, the cake was specifically designed to be a showstopper. As Victoria was the first reigning English Queen for 300 years to be married, the three-tiered cake ironically weighed 300 pounds.

A bust of Victoria and Albert rested at the top, and it is stated that wedding cakes became more commonplace across the country after the couple’s wedding. Victoria was said to have adored her cake, and it is believed that she popularised keeping a slice for the christening of her children.

8. Prince Charles and Princess Diana's "Five-tiered traditional royal cake" – (16 votes – 1.7%)

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Designed by the man dubbed “the cakemaker to the kings”, Belgian pastry chef, S. G. Sender was commissioned to bake the spectacular cake for the wedding of Prince Charles and Princess Diana alongside David Avery.

There were reportedly 27 cakes at the royal wedding, though Sender’s was the official one. The traditional fruitcake was five-tiered which included images of London and Althorp on the base, as well the couple’s initials intertwined and coat of arms.

In 2014, a slice of the cake sold at auction for an astonishing $1,375, 37-years after it was originally made.

7. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex's "Lemon and elderflower cake" – (18 votes – 1.8%)

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For their wedding in 2018, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle bucked the traditional trend of a fruitcake, instead choosing a lemon elderflower cake for their reception. The cake was designed by America-born baker Claire Ptak and instead of being positioned on tiers, each layer of the cake was placed onto gold cake stands.

The spring-inspired cake was covered in buttercream and decorated with fresh flowers. The elderflower cordial – of which 10 bottles were used to help make the cake – was from the Queen’s own Sandringham estate.

6. Princess Anne and Captain Mark Phillip's "Silvered-tiered cake" – (32 votes – 2%)

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The five-tiered cake which featured at the wedding of Princess Anne and Mark Phillips was carefully shaped in the form of a hexagon. The cake was adorned with the ciphers of the couple across each tier.

At the top of the cake was a statue of a female jockey leaping a fence – a reference to the Princess’ equestrian career and love of horses.

Interestingly, 46-years after Anne’s first wedding, a slide of the cake was sold at auction with the final bid alleged to have been anything between £200-£300.

5. Princess Margaret and Lord Snowdon's "Hexagonally panelled-tiered cake" – (44 votes – 3%)

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Standing at 5 feet tall, the hexagonal wedding cake for Princess Margaret’s wedding to Lord Snowdon was much less grand than her elder sisters but was still a stunning cake. Consisting of three-tiers, separated with simple column stands, the design was based upon French architecture. Trellises peeked out of each layer, followed the style of Louis XVI and Neoclassicism and the cake had more colour than previous royal cakes.

Made by J. Lyons and Company Ltd. at its Cadby Hall bakery in Hammersmith, London; it weighed 150 pounds. A plethora of sweet details were added to the cake’s design including the couple’s initials, the Princess’ coat of arms and an English rose.

4. The Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh's "Nine-foot high McVitie and Price Cake" – (53 votes – 4%)

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Regarded as one of the Royal Family’s most elaborate and grand wedding cakes, the cake eaten at the wedding of The Queen and The Duke of Edinburgh stood at 9 feet tall and weighed 500 pounds.

Over 2000 slices were cut from the cake to help feed guests and hundreds more were sent to charities and organisations across the globe. The top tier was kept for the christening of their first child Prince Charles.

Made by McVitie and Price, the cake consisted of four tiers and followed tradition by being a fruitcake. 80 oranges and lemons were used, 660 eggs and more than three gallons of Navy Rum. The items were shipped from around the world due to rationing, including the sugar, which came from the Australian Girl Guides Association. As a result, the cake became known as “The 10,000 Mile Cake.”

3. Prince William's "McVitie's Chocolate Biscuit cake" – (77 votes – 6%)

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For the wedding of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, whilst their main wedding cake was a more traditional affair, their second cake was less so. Prince William received his own cake based around his favourite biscuits – McVities. Made with rich tea biscuits, chocolate, and nuts, the cake was then frozen instead of being baked.

The cake was a favourite of Prince William’s, as he used to eat a version of the cake when he was a child. Virtually unheard of in the world of weddings, the cake became a huge hit with guests and has since become a popular alternative to the more traditional wedding cakes.

2. Princess Eugenie and Jack Brooksbank's "Five-tiered red velvet and chocolate cake" – (255 votes – 20%)

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For the wedding of Princess Eugenie and Jack Brooksbank the couple eschewed the traditional fruit cake, choosing to serve a red velvet and chocolate design by London-based baker Sophie Cabot.

The cakes featured many different elements which hinted at their future together, with the couple deciding to feature sugar ivy, to represent their new home, Ivy Cottage at Kensington Palace.

The five-tiered cake was designed around the theme of autumn and perfectly matched the style of the couple’s wedding at St George’s Chapel in Windsor. At the base of the cake, the ciphers of the couple were ringed with a stunning design of autumn flora. Edible flowers cascaded down the cake highlighting the autumn theme the couple had chosen.

1. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge's "Eight-tiered iced traditional fruit cake” – (789 votes – 61%)

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William and Kate’s wedding cake was a very regal and traditional fruitcake designed by local baker Fiona Cairns. The eight-tiered cake was wrapped in brandy-soaked cheesecloth before the wedding to help deepen the flavours. Iced in white fondant with elaborate gum paste flowers, the Duchess of Cambridge personally asked for Cairns to use flowers from the four nations of the UK – roses for England, thistle for Scotland, daffodils for Wales, and shamrocks for Ireland.

An oak and acorn were also included in the design to symbolise endurance, and in honour of her new husband, Kate asked for the flower ‘Sweet William’ to be incorporated into the cake, which also symbolises gallantry, finesse and smile.

The cipher of the Duke and Duchess was also visible at the front of the cake’s design with Cairns describing the cake as “a traditional cake but also quite delicate and modern. All the tiers will have a different theme."

After the wedding numerous pieces of the cake were stored and served at the christenings of Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis.

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