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RESULTS: The Royal's Best Brooches

The Royal Family own a collection of spectacular jewels, but which of their stunning brooches is your favourite?

MARCH 19th, 2021 (UPDATED: MARCH 29th, 2021)

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The British Monarchy are renowned for their spectacular jewels; from tiaras to crowns, rings to necklaces, the Royal Family have jewellery for every occasion, though through their collection of brooches they can also convey a message too. Whether on a royal tour or banquet, the Queen has consistently used these pieces of her collection to help diplomatically say everything without actually saying anything. You voted and now we have the results, so which brooch is our readers favourite?

12. The Duchess of Cambridge’s RAF Dacre Brooch - (21 votes, 1.00%)

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Upon her appointment as the Honorary Air Commandant in 2015, the Duchess of Cambridge has proudly worn her RAF Dacre Brooch for official engagements when required. Designed with a crown and the letters ‘RAF’ encrusted in diamonds and rubies, the brooch also includes a set of leaves in a circle of diamond.

The Duchess first wore the brooch in 2016 for a service to honour the 75th anniversary of the RAF Air Cadets, and then again in 2018 at the ceremony to mark the centenary of the RAF.

11. Queen Victoria’s Diamond Jubilee Brooch - (32 votes, 1.19%)

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There are many brooches held within the Royal Family’s collection and Queen Victoria’s Diamond Jubilee Brooch has long been a favourite of the Queen’s and Queen Mother’s. Initially worn by Queen Victoria for a state dinner to celebrate her Diamond Jubilee the brooch includes a “scrolled and pierced foliate design, pave-set with brilliants, with pearl centre surrounded by brilliants in cut-down collets, suspending a detachable loop of brilliants with pearl drop,” according to Hugh Roberts.

The brooch was most frequently worn by the Queen Mother, who after her death in 2002, then passed the brooch onto her daughter the Queen, who has worn it only occasionally.

10. Richmond Brooch - (54 votes, 2.00%)

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Gifted to Queen Mary in 1893 by the town of Richmond, the Richmond Brooch features diamonds set with two pearls - one placed in the centre of the brooch and another as a detachable pear-shaped pearl drop.

The Queen has worn the brooch frequently in recent years and it’s most notable appearance came at the 2018 wedding of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex.

9. The Cullinan V - (60 votes, 3.00%)

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Cut from the largest gem-quality rough diamond ever found, the Cullinan V is an 18.9 carat heart shaped diamond brooch. As part of a set of diamonds cut from the original stone, the brooch was passed to the Queen in 1953 after Queen Mary died.

The brooch - constructed in 1911 - has only ever been worn by two royal women in its entire 109-year history and is regarded as one of the royal’s most beloved and beautiful pieces of jewellery.

8. The Duchess of Cambridge’s Oak Leaf Brooch - (75 votes, 3.12%)

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The Duchess of Cambridge is renowned for her close relationship with her family, specifically her parents. So, when she married Prince William in 2011 her parents gifted her an Oak Leaf Brooch.

The brooch represented the Middleton family’s coat of arms and the three acorns branching off from the oak stem represented the three Middleton children: Catherine, Pippa and James.

The Duchess has worn the brooch occasionally, most notably at the Sandringham Christmas service.

7. The Queen’s Flower Basket Brooch - (77 votes, 3.44%)

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Perhaps regarded as one of the Queen’s most personal and sentimental brooches, The Flower Basket Brooch has been in the possession of Her Majesty for over seven decades and was gifted to the then Princess Elizabeth in 1948 by her parents. The brooch was to mark the birth of Prince Charles with the Queen wearing the brooch for the first time for Charles’ first official photograph.

The Queen has worn the brooch consistently throughout her reign, though most notably at the Christening of Prince George to demonstrate the line of succession.

6. The Queen Mary Lover’s Knot Bow Brooch - (86 votes, 4.00%)

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Another of the Queen’s more beloved brooches in the Royal collection is The Queen Mary Lover’s Knot Bow Brooch which was acquired by Queen Mary in 1932. The brooch passed to her granddaughter in 1953 and has been worn by Her Majesty for most significant royal events.

Perhaps the most recognisable occasion she wore the brooch was the wedding of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge in 2011.

5. The Duchess of Cambridge Brooch - (102 votes, 4.25%)

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Long before Catherine Middleton took the title, Princess Augusta of Hesse-Kassel first held the role and commissioned the timeless brooch featuring the jewel in a portrait in 1877.

Combining a large pearl in the centre, surrounded by a cluster of sparkling diamonds, a pearl pendant is suspended from the cluster.

The Queen has worn the brooch frequently, including for her Diamond Jubilee in 2012. It is believed however that the brooch has since been passed on to the current Duchess of Cambridge alongside the Cambridge Lover’s Knot Tiara.

4. The Queen’s Wedding Engagement Diamond Clematis Brooch - (254 votes, 11.00%)

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In the Queen’s collection of brooches there are many within sentimental value, yet the Diamond Clematis Brooch is perhaps the most of all. Shaped like a clematis flower, the diamond encrusted brooch was worn by the then Princess Elizabeth to announce her engagement to Prince Philip in 1947.

Ever since, the Queen has worn the brooch on various occasions, though the most recent was earlier this year as her beloved husband was being treated in hospital for an infection and underlying heart condition.

3. The Prince Albert Brooch - (311 votes, 13.00%)

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Arguably one of the most famous royal jewels in the Royal Family’s collection, the Prince Albert Brooch is a stunning sapphire surrounded by 12 brilliants. Gifted to Queen Victoria on the eve of their wedding day, the brooch was worn by the Queen as she took her vows.

For over 20 years, Victoria wore the brooch consistently, though that changed after the death of Albert in 1861. The brooch was claimed as an “heirloom of the crown”, meaning it can only be worn by Queen Regents and Consorts.

The Queen has followed tradition and wears the Prince Albert Brooch frequently, mostly on daytime engagements.

2. The Cullinan III and IV Brooch - (520 votes, 22.00%)

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In 2018, the Queen gave a rare interview to celebrate the anniversary of her coronation and wore the Cullinan III and IV brooch in her appearance. The significance of wearing the brooch was not lost on experts, as the diamonds featured in St Edward’s Crown and the brooch are cut from the same initial diamond.

The appearance meant it was the first time the pieces had been in the same room since they were cut in 1908.

The brooch features the third and fourth largest stones cut from the Cullinan diamond - one square-cut weighing 63.6 carats and another pear-shaped weighing 94.4 carats. The brooch is one of the most expensive pieces of the Queen’s entire collection and she only wears it for extremely important occasions, like her Diamond Jubilee in 2012.

1. Princess Diana’s Sapphire and Diamond Brooch - (743 votes, 32.00%)

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Princess Diana was adored for her fashion and revered for her jewelry, and although her iconic Sapphire and Diamond brooch was part of her private collection and not a part of the royal jewelry box, many still regard the stunning piece as regal personified.

The Princess was given the brooch by the Queen Mother as a wedding gift and wore it occasionally as it was intended. However, eventually Diana decided to change the brooch into a spectacular pearl choker which she last wore in 1996 at the annual Met Gala.

The brooch/choker features a “duck egg” shaped sapphire surrounded by a double row of diamonds and is still regarded as one of Diana’s most revered and celebrated jewels. Sadly it hasn't been seen since the Princess’ tragic death in 1997, though it is believed to belong in the personal possession of the Duchess of Cambridge as a match to her engagement ring and a pair of sapphire earrings which also belonged to her late mother-in-law.

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