Brexit means Brexit, apparently?

By Jonathan Reed

7 August 2018

In what has been the most dramatic 24 hours in Theresa May’s tenure as Prime Minister, her political career hangs on the edge of the knife. Will she resign, or will she be pushed?

They are the only two options on the table for Mrs May, but which one will fate bestow on her? If we are to go by previous experience, the Prime Minister will not resign and stating in a press conference earlier this evening, she confirmed that notion stating: “I will see through Brexit.”

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But saying something is a very different thing to actually doing it, and with resignation after resignation from both her Cabinet and Party, it is looking more and more unlikely that Theresa May will be the Prime Minister to achieve what she hopes.

So how has Mrs May and the Conservative Party made such a mess of the Brexit negotiations?

Clarity, or lack thereof is the answer. The Prime Minister has consistently changed her stance on the Brexit deal and how the UK will look after we leave the EU. It first started with ‘Brexit means Brexit,’ the famed slogan she announced on the steps of 10 Downing Street. Then came the speech at Lancaster House. We would leave the Customs Union, the Single Market and we would – another ill fateful slogan – ‘take back control.’

It seemed that with each growing month, Mrs May was back tracking and she had a slogan that went with it. This regression of clarity manifested into a confused stalemate where nobody, not even her Cabinet of the time, fully understood the Prime Minister’s vision for Brexit.

Many have stated that pressure from Brexiteers and Remainers pushed May into trying to deliver an impossible task, a deal to make everyone happy. Instead she has done the opposite, creating a Brexit monstrosity that has managed to unite a country in disdain and make everyone uneasy.

Her complete deal undermines not only the original referendum, but leaves the UK lost, aimlessly trekking through a barren political dessert, without any influence or power. It speaks volumes when remaining within the EU is far more attractive that a deal which is Brexit in name only.

With this, it has become more and more apparent that Theresa May’s days as Prime Minister are coming to an end. With numerous Conservative MPs inputting a vote of ‘No Confidence’, including leading Brexiteer, Jacob Rees-Mogg, it looks likely the Prime Minister is in real trouble. But if Theresa May goes, or more so, when she does, who will take over?

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Boris Johnson’s name has been put forward with odds being cut in him becoming the next Prime Minister. David Davis is another favourite, as well as Dominic Raab, but would these candidates be able to sort out the mess of Brexit?

Who knows, yet perhaps having a Brexiteer and someone who not only championed Brexit but believes in the exit from the EU as Prime Minister, would be able to make it a success. Then the idea of Brexit and its overall outcome rests with those who managed to convince the majority to vote for it.

Whatever happens next, and who knows what will, Brexit and Britain’s future hangs in the balance. There are no more tests for Theresa May, she has most certainly failed the ultimate one. She has lost the backing of her Cabinet, her party and most importantly, the Country. She is a Prime Minister who has the Office but no longer the power. And as the curtain’s are waiting to be drawn on her time as leader, what will her final slogan be?

Brexit means…er …um… well… Brexit?