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Ten Youtube Channels you Need to Watch in Lockdown

With the lockdown in full-swing, to pass the time, we're bringing you the ten YouTube channels you have to watch.

APRIL 24th, 2020

© Reed Gallery

As the UK lockdown continues, YouTube celebrates his 15th birthday in quarantine. And as we are all looking for something to do or watch to pass the time, YouTube is a great place to see the weird, wonderful, and creative. So we decided to look at the ten best YouTube Channels to watch with the best content out there.

Matt Does Fitness

© Matt Does Fitness

If fitness is your thing, then Matt’s channel is ideal. Mixing challenges, vlogs, daily exercise tips, and some pretty epic intros with his son Luca, MattDoesFitness is a genuinely entertaining YouTube channel. A new video is posted frequently, so there is always new content to keep you entertained. Make sure you like and subscribe to see when Matt’s new videos go live.

You can visit Matt’s channel here.

Empire Magazine

© Empire Magazine

Although the cinemas are closed and most new movie releases have been pushed back, Empire Magazine is bringing the best movie coverage on YouTube.

With the latest trailers, interviews, and in-depth conversations with the industry’s leading figures – Empire Magazine bring exclusive content that is unrivalled. They also allow fans to glimpse behind the scenes of the favourite movies and how they’re brought to the screen.

You can visit Empire’s channel here.

Theme Park Worldwide

© Theme Park Worldwide

The world of Rollercoaster enthusiasts is consistently growing, and one of the best channels to watch is Theme Park Worldwide. Travelling across the world, Shawn Sandbrooke – the creator of the channel – takes his audience into some of the world’s most renowned Theme parks. Whether it be Disneyland, Universal Studios, Alton Towers, Blackpool Pleasure Beach or more obscure parks, his enthusiasm is infectious.

With in-depth knowledge and forensic reviews of the latest and best rides in the world, the channel is arguably one of the most impressive on YouTube, and with a collection of over 2.5K videos, there’s plenty of content to watch.

You can visit Theme Park Worldwide’s channel here.

Ross Edgley

© Ross Edgley

Ross Edgley is perhaps the most positive human being on Earth, and his YouTube channel a prime example of this. Having swam around the entire UK, climbed the equivalent of Mount Everest on a rope and completed 30 marathons in 30 days, Ross’ is the definition of hard-core.

Mixing daily vlogs with elaborate and testing fitness challenges, his YouTube channel is thoroughly entertaining and inspiring. It is also incredibly uplifting, comedic and a genuine joy to watch.

You can visit Ross’ channel here.

Brooke Bush

© Brooke Bush/Youtube

With over 91 million views and over half-a-million subscribers, Brooke Bush’s YouTube Channel is an entertaining look into her life and her family’s. Following the definitive theme of vlogging, Brooke and her family bring a genuine and authentic look into their lives and experiences. Never does it feel planned or staged, and instead is highly enjoyable.

At a time when subscribers are looking for unproblematic and easy-watching content Brooke's channel is the perfect channel to subscribe to.

You can visit Brooke’s channel here.

The Body Coach TV

© Joe Wicks

Throughout the pandemic lockdown he has been getting the Nation moving with his morning PE lessons for children, but there is so much more to Joe Wicks’ YouTube channel. Combining challenges with short, snappy workouts; Joe’s channel is designed for those on the go. There are also inspirational and motivational content to brighten your mood and reset your goals.

Joe’s PE Online classes take place every morning, Monday to Friday.

You can visit Joe’s channel here.

Daz Games

© Daz Games

In the challenging times, we are all looking for some light relief and Daz Games is the perfect channel to get you chuckling.

With running commentary on games (specifically frightening ones), Daz is hilarious with his honest, witty jokes and reactive jump scares. Bringing the same comedic style as his Vine channel, Daz also reviews and commentates TV shows and other YouTubers with entertaining humour.

You can visit Daz’s channel here.

The Royal Family Channel

© The Royal Family Channel

The Royal Family is a British institution – and a loved one at that – and The Royal Family Channel have compiled an impressive catalogue of videos over all things Royal.

Starting with the engagement of The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, the channel has followed the royal tours, charity engagements, Royal births, and news. With endless hours of footage from the present, there is also archive footage from royal history.

If the Royal Family is your interest, then look no further than this channel!

You can visit The Royal Family Channel here.

The Sawalha-Adderleys

© The Sawalha-Adderleys

Family, films and fun – three words to perfectly describe the Sawalha-Adderley’s channel. With funny reactive videos to movie trailers, honest in-depth reviews of the latest films and TV Shows, the channel has plenty to offer.

Yet, the family also tackle real-life issues, including mental health and, most recently, coping with the ensuing lockdown. They also have a brilliant gardening series ‘Green Fingered Hell’ which is fantastic.

Hosted by actress and Loose Women panellist, Nadia Sawalha, alongside husband and TV Producer Mark Adderley, the channel also feature’s the couple’s daughters. For some funny, insightful, informative and genuinely enjoyable content, this channel ticks every box.

You can visit The Sawalha-Adderley’s channel here.

The Slow Mo Guys

© The Slow Mo Guys

Perhaps one of the most interesting channels on YouTube, The Slow Mo Guys show the world in – well – show-motion. It’s a simple premise and yet strangely addictive.

With 13m subscribers, host Dan and Gav have brought the world of slow-motion to millions. Whether it be a water balloon popping or firing a gun underwater, the team use a camera which shoots at 27,000 fps to bring the most crisp and detailed images in the internet.

You can visit The Slow Mo Guy’s channel here.

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