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Ten Podcasts Perfect for Lockdown

Podcasts popularity are on the rise and are perfect entertainment in the lockdown. We look at the ten best podcasts you have to listen to.

MAY 13th, 2020

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As the UK continues our lockdown due to the ensuing pandemic, popularity in podcasts have surged. With such a large collection to choose from, which podcasts are worth your investment. We’ve marked the ten across all areas of interest. From sports, movies, mental health and royalty, podcasts are quickly becoming 2020’s best form of entertainment.

Fear Itself

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Actress Cressida Bonas has created a unique podcast which invites guests to share their personal stories around fear. With a specific fear highlighted each episode, the podcast looks to see how we can control and overcome the constraints which fear places on our lives.

Cressida – who hosts the show – is brilliant in forming a safe and compassionate environment which allows each guest to open up. One of the best episodes features international singer, Ellie Goulding who talks about the fear of ‘not being liked.’ Yet the latest instalment, featuring magician Dynamo, is an interesting look at how his health stopped him from being able to perform magic.

Fear Itself Podcast is available on all popular streaming sites.

Happy Mum, Happy Baby

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For new mums, having a baby can be an anxious and scary time. The consistent self-questioning and worrying on whether they are doing it right can be a lonely process. Finally, a podcast has come to the rescue – Happy Mum, Happy Baby. Created by Giovanna Fletcher, the podcast invites a guest every week to speak openly and honestly about their experiences as a new parent, including the lessons they’ve learnt along the way.

The podcast has welcomed many famous guests from all walks of life, though earlier this year, Giovanna interviewed arguably one of the most famous mums in the world – The Duchess of Cambridge.

The podcast is available on all major streaming sites as well as YouTube

The Alarmist

© The Alarmist

Arguably one of the more unique podcasts featured on our list. The Alarmist is created Rebecca Delgado-Smith (The Good Place) who, alongside guests, scrutinise history’s greatest disasters and strive to discover what went wrong, and who’s to blame.

With each episode a new disaster is covered, including the death of Marilyn Monroe, the sinking of the Titanic, Chernobyl and the Black Plague. Each instalment brings humour, interesting facts and, most importantly, the quest to discover the truth.

The Alarmist is available across all streaming sites.

Royally Obsessed

© Royally Obsessed

The Royal Family have – and continue to – garner the attention of the world and Royally Obsessed brings all the latest news, controversies and endeavours of the British Monarchy to their brilliant podcast.

Roberta Fiorito and Rachel Bowie discuss the latest royal news from Kensington Palace, Buckingham Palace and beyond. With special guests, royal experts and opinions, Royally Obsessed showcases a nuanced look at one of the world’s oldest institutions and famous families.

Royally Obsessed is available across all podcast outlets.

The Coronavirus Newscast Podcast


There is no arguing that one subject is dominating our conversations nowadays – Coronavirus. The pandemic changes every day and the National and International response does to. The Coronavirus Newscast Podcast brings the latest news, statistics, and experts to map out the progress the UK is making. Sir Patrick Vallance – The Chief Scientific Officer to the UK Government – has already appeared as a guest, with other leading scientists to give their own opinions.

Hosted by the BBC’s Political Editor, Laura Kuenssberg alongside Adam Fleming, Fergus Walsh and Chris Mason, the Podcast is updated daily in response to the pandemic and can be found on the BBC’s podcast website.

Grounded with Louis Theroux


Acclaimed broadcaster, Louis Theroux is deciding to spend his time in quarantine to track down some high-profile people on both sides of the Atlantic, to talk about their lives, careers, and experiences. The infamous documentary maker has – so far – spoken with Boy George, Jon Ronson and Helena Bonham Carter.

To listen to Louis’ podcast, all episodes can be found on the BBC podcast website.

Mind Over Muscle: Journey to the Finish Line

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Ant Middleton has lived an exceptionally interesting life, and after two hugely successful best-selling books, the former SBS Soldier has released a fortnightly podcast to help runners who are training for the London Marathon.

Although the Marathon was cancelled due to the pandemic, the podcast provides skills and inspiration for all aspects of your life, both physically and mentally. Teaching resilience, determination, and ambition to push your body to the limit, these themes the bedrock of the Mind Over Muscle and it is a phenomenal podcast.

Mind Over Muscle is available exclusively on Audible.

The Empire Podcast

© Empire Magazine

With the movies industry ground to a halt and the cinemas remaining closed under the quarantine, The Empire Podcast is the perfect tonic for those who are missing out on their movie fix. With interviews, reviews and exclusive behind-the-scenes stories, Empire have taken their wonderful magazine and perfectly adapted it in podcast form.

The Empire Podcast is available on all streaming sites and Empire Magazine’s website.

You Should Have Been There

© You Should Have Been There

Whilst in quarantine, many of us will be waiting for our next adventure travelling. You Should Have Been There is hosted by Simon Calder – acclaimed travel journalist – and author/former BBC producer Mick Webb. With relaxed banter, traveller’s tales, and opinion – the podcast is a brilliant and informative show to inspire the inner-explorer on all of us.

You Should Have Been There is available on all major podcast streaming sites.

That Peter Crouch Podcast


Former England footballer, Peter Crouch, has released his own Podcast in partnership with BBC Sport. Alongside Crouch is Tom Fordyce and Chris Stark, who bring their unique and expertise to the world of football, and what it takes to be a professional footballer.

With a new guest every week, some of the sports most acclaimed players have discussed the importance of teamwork, devastation of injuries and the inevitability of retirement.

That Peter Crouch Podcast is available on the BBC podcast website.

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