Sony Launches Playstation 5

The world of gaming enters a new era with the release of Sony's Playstation 5.

JUNE 11th, 2020

© Sony


ony have finally revealed their highly anticipated PlayStation® 5 console. After postponing their initial release in light of the Black Lives Matter movement, Sony delighted fans by promising to deliver the next generation in gaming. The reveal was met with enthusiasm from fans, with significant focus on the brand-new console design.

As part of the presentation, Sony showcased some of the upcoming games, opening with a new Spider-Man game – Spider-Man: Myles Morales. The game is set to be released Holiday 2020 and looks set to be a bestseller. Horizon: Forbidden West was also announced, and the accompanying trailer was a spectacular demonstration of PlayStation® 5’s next generation graphics.

© Sony

But whilst the games had fans excited, there was only one reveal we were all waiting for – the console itself. Fans had already seen the controllers and finally as the presentation came to an end, the stylish console had its debut.

Sleek and modern, Sony have excelled themselves in the design of the PS5. And to add more excitement, two consoles will be released. The standard machine alongside a ‘Digital Edition’ which is designed exclusively for purchasing games online.

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There are many exciting features, including 3D Audio, a 3D camera and a next generation controller. Though some of the more important details are still yet to be released, including the price and release date.

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However, Sony have promised that the console will drive gaming into a new era, and with the reveal – it’s easy to see how.

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