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New F.L.Y. Coaster Wows Guests

Phantasialand's latest epic addition is taking guests soaring to new heights.

OCTOBER 12th, 2020

© Phantasialand


here are some rollercoasters which have a big impact upon they’re opening, yet a new ride at Phantasialand in Germany is seriously wowing crowds. F.L.Y. (Flying Launch Coaster) is a new world’s first launched flying rollercoaster, and the longest of its kind too. Based around the world of Rookburgh, F.L.Y. takes guests on a unique and thrilling flight through an astonishingly immersive land unlike anywhere else on Earth.

Situated alongside the coaster is Hotel (yes, a Hotel!) Charles Lindbergh which boasts hundreds of cabins for explorers to sleep in, and an exclusive entrance into the land of Rookburgh.

© Phantasialand

Phantasialand describes the area as: “White steam rises from the streets. A revolutionary flying machine majestically spirals into the sky. In the distance, the pounding of machines sounds: The pulse of Rookburgh awakes! Here, the Flying Launch Coaster F.L.Y., the Hotel Charles Lindbergh and the world of Rookburgh merge into a perfect unity – and you are right in the middle of it. A unique experience by day and night!”

The ride took almost 4 years to be completed and features state-of-the-art technology to create the feeling of flying. It also boasts some of the most impressive and immersive theming ever featured on a ride today. Focusing on a steampunk theme, F.L.Y. has been praised by coaster enthusiasts for its smooth ride, thrilling inversions and flight system.

The land of Rookburgh - © Phantasialand

F.L.Y. is currently available to guests under a soft opening, meaning that there may be short-term or temporary closures of the entire theme world.

You can learn more about F.L.Y. on Phantasialand's website.

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