We look through the top 5 announcements at this years Comic Con

From DC smashing it out of the park, to the first female Doctor Who, these are the top 5 announcements from Comic Con 2018...

5. Never has a woman played the famed character of Doctor Who before and finally at this years Comic Con, fans got to see how incredible Jodie Whitaker will be. An exclusive first look was given showing the Doctor facing a barrage of new and old foes. Take a look...

4. Who knew that we would reach Season 9 of The Walking Dead and here we are. This will be the last season with Andrew Lincoln, who announced his departure from the successful show earlier this year. Comic Con were granted an exclusive look at what was in store for the survivors within the cut-throat world of Zombies.

3. After the successful revival of the Godzilla franchise, we now have a first look at the anticipated sequel. Starring Millie Bobbie Brown of Stranger Things fame, the movie looks brilliant. Fans will also see the introduction of many new monsters, including the famed three-headed Dragon, King Ghidorah!

2. It had been a long time coming, and after his introduction in Justic League, fans were ecstatic to see the first trailer for Aquaman. Directed by James Wan and bringing some heavyweights from Hollywood, most notably, Nicole Kidman, the trailer has promised something quite spectacular. Is this a sign that DC could be finally rivalling Marvel?

1. Taking out no.1 spot is SHAZAM! Another DC movie, many fans had been waiting with baited breath to see the trailer and they weren't disappointed. SHAZAM! looks more than promising and Zachary Levi has most certainly silenced those who criticised his casting as the famed alter-ego to young Billy. This could well be one of DC's biggest hits!