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D23 Expo 2019: Top 10

Another D23, another round of Disney news, we've run down the top 10 announcements from Disney's popular Expo...

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Once Upon A Time In Hollywood

With three Hollywood heavyweights behind him, does Quentin Tarantino's 9th movie maintain his reign as the visionary director Hollywood needs?

Disney. Remake. Repeat.

With The Lion King seemingly disappointing Disney fans, has the time come for the iconic studio to steer away from the remakes and focus on original concepts?

Spider-Man: Far From Home

After the events of Endgame changed the Marvel Universe forever, does Spider-Man: Far From Home spell future success for Marvel's superhero universe?

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Toy Story 4

Woody and the gang are back, and so are a few old friends. But can Toy Story 4 continue the impressive legacy of Pixar's flagship series?

MIB: International

Here come the Men In Black, though this time they're going international.