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Michael Keaton Returning As Batman?

Could Tim Burton's Batman be returning to the screen in the near future?

JUNE 23rd, 2020

© Warner Bros.


ell here’s news that we never thought we would be reporting on. After his final outing as Bruce Wayne in Tim Burton’s iconic Batman Returns, many thought Michael Keaton’s run as the Dark Knight was long gone. Yet according to The Wrap that may not be so. The Oscar Nominated actor is allegedly in talks with DC and Warner Bros to return as the caped crusader for the Flash-standalone movie - Flashpoint, starring Ezra Miller.

Ezra Miller will star in Flashpoint which is expected to feature Keaton as the Batman - © Warner Bros.

The news has shocked and excited fans, and with It’s Andrés Muschietti signing on to direct, details are alluding that the movie will be closer connected to the DC extended universe than first thought. Similarly to the TV show Arrowverse, which saw different takes on the characters interact across differing universes, the concept for Flashpoint is to see Barry (Ezra Miller) travel back in time to prevent his mother’s death. Inadvertently crossing the universe, he will meet with an older Bruce Wayne – which is where Keaton comes in.

The movie will not reference Batman Forever or Batman And Robin, and will instead follow Wayne’s story after Batman Returns. There also won’t be any mention of Matt Reeves upcoming take on the iconic Gotham hero – The Batman – starring Robert Pattinson. Though DC have stressed that Pattinson’s interpretation of the character is where the main focus on Batman’s development will focus.

Robert Pattinson is to be the next actor to take on the caped crusader in Matt Reeve's The Batman - © Warner Bros.

What is also interesting, is The Wrap reports that Keaton could sign a multi-picture deal and continue to appear in future movies – much like Samuel L. Jackson’s Nick Fury in the Marvel franchise.

Whenever, however, or whatever way Michael Keaton returns as the Batman, it is guaranteed to win approval from fans, who still consider his 1989 and 1992 performances as the best interpretation of the Gotham vigilante. So, could we be seeing Keaton’s Batman light up the night sky once again? Here’s hoping so.

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