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Kristen Stewart Tipped for Oscar Glory with ‘Spencer’

The actress' performance has been described as a "masterpiece" as the Princess Diana movie 'Spencer' premieres at the Venice Film Festival.

SEPTEMBER 3rd, 2021

Kristen Stewart as Princess Diana in the upcoming "Spencer" movie. - © Neon


he upcoming Princess Diana movie ‘Spencer’ starring Kristen Stewart as the ‘People’s Princess’ has premiered to overwhelming and universal praise at the Venice Film Festival. The first reviews, which have now been released, openly predict Oscar glory for the actress’s performance, the director Pablo Larrain, and the overall movie itself.

Variety Magazine declared the film “masterly” with other critics describing ‘Spencer’ as a “complete masterpiece”. Stewart herself received equal praise with Variety writing: ‘Right off, we feel as if we’re seeing… Diana. The real thing. Kristen Stewart doesn’t just do an impersonation (though on the level of impersonation she’s superb). She transforms; she changes her aspect, her rhythm, her karma.’

Kristen Stewart as Princess Diana in the upcoming "Spencer" movie. - © Neon

The Guardian Newspaper gave the film 5 stars, though sighted how the movie could be uncomfortable for the Royal Family, particularly Prince Charles - a similar theme which followed the release of season 4 of Netflix’s The Crown.

Yet what was also noted was the emphasis that ‘Spencer’ is a fable - a completely fictional account of three days at Sandringham across the Christmas period. The filmmakers actively declare from the movie’s opening that the story and plot line is “a fable based on a true tragedy.”

Twitter was also full of praise for the movie with continued emphasis on Kristen Stewart’s portrayal of Diana. Film critic Ben Rolph tweeted: ‘SPENCER is a melancholic, yet joyful masterpiece. One will leave this film smiling, yet also having wept because of the unimaginable tragedy that Diana suffered. By far the best film of the year, Kristen Stewart’s performance is unparalleled. Oscars all around, please.’

Kristen Stewart arrives at the Press launch of 'Spencer' at the Venice Film Festival - © REUTERS

Stewart, interviewed at the film’s press conference, described the late Princess’s unique touch and presence, elements she actively decided to focus on in her performance: “She wore her heart on her sleeve, and that to me is the coolest thing she did.”

Director Pablo Larrain decided to make the movie in honour of his mother, explaining: “I’ve made some movies that were too harsh for my mother. This movie is a testimony to her and to all mothers… and how lucky I am to still have her.”

He was later asked how Diana’s sons - Princes William and Harry - would feel about the movie's portrayal of their late mother. “It is completely fictional, and I wouldn’t expect them to see it and I understand that too. But I have huge admiration for William and Harry and the love they shared with their mother.”

‘Spencer’ is released in cinemas on November 5th.

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