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Fan Film Proves Gambit Needs A Solo Movie

Gambit - Play For Keeps proves that the X-Men alumni deserves the long-requested solo movie

JULY 10th, 2020

© Nick Bateman


hat ever happened to Gambit?

It is a question that fans have been asking since the announcement that Marvel was actively planning a movie featuring the card-throwing, energy manipulating mutant. Channing Tatum was poised to take the lead and bring the character to life. He would follow on from Taylor Kitsch who played the part in X-Men Origins: Wolverine. Sadly, Tatum’s Gambit was hit with multiple setbacks and failed to take-off.

Nick Bateman stars as the iconic hero Gambit in the fan film Gambit - Play For Keeps - © Nick Bateman/YouTube

With release dates constantly pushed back, and multiple changes in directors, it seemed that any chances of the “Ragin’ Cajun” making his way into cinemas was were fading.

However, there may be hope yet for the iconic comic book hero. A new fan film, which also features the characters of Magik and Rogue, has been released, proving that the character is more than ready for a solo movie. GAMBIT - Play For Keeps, places actor Nick Bateman in the role as the roguish superhero, and what a mightily impressive job he does. So much so, that it has become impossible to see how Marvel will be able to find anyone better to fill Gambit’s – so far – illusive shoes.

The short, but action-packed movie is perhaps one of the best showcases for how exhilarating Gambit’s story can be on-screen. All the nuances and complexities of the character relationships are on display here, as well as the abilities of the titular character. The result is a thrilling insight into an idea which is utterly convincing in bringing Gambit to the big screen.

Nick Bateman stars as Gambit in the movie - © Nick Bateman

Play For Keeps argues a compelling and undeniable case for why a solo movie could be a major success story for Marvel, and why Nick Bateman would be perfectly cast as the lovable rogue. Here’s hoping the studios see the potential in the fan film, and more so, finally bring Gambit (and Nick Bateman) to the silver-screen.

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