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New ‘Brighton’ Film Looks Back on a Changing Britain

A new British movie looks to address how much our culture has changed (or in some cases not) throughout the years.

JUNE 7th, 2021

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ith the pandemic putting staycations on the holiday menu this year, a new British film is looking to celebrate everything British, whilst also addressing how much our culture has changed (or in some cases not) throughout the years. Brighton - the screen adaptation of Steven Berkoff’s play ‘Brighton Beach Scumbags’ - tells the story of two retired working-class couples - Derek and Dinah, Dave and Doreen - who return to the iconic seaside resort after 40 years.

The film stars noticeable names, including Larry Lamb, Marion Bailey, Phil Davis, Lesley Sharp and Adjoa Andoh. But Brighton is also teeming with up and coming talent like Jamie Bacon - star of Netflix’s White Lines and his own project Into the Mirror, Luke Charlesworth, Hana Stewart and Phoebe Jones, who all play the younger versions of the main characters.

Trailer for 'Brighton' - © Red Rock Entertainment Film

However, sometimes memory lane isn’t as progressive as we would always hope, with the movie highlighting how ‘a single bigoted act of aggression from Derek exposes the mutual intolerance of class, gender and sexual orientations still prevalent in Britain today.’

“It made it raw, and really difficult for everybody portraying elements of our past that we had grown away from and rejected,” continued Lamb.

Brighton looks to compassionately peel back the mutual incomprehension inherent in the divide between the middle and working classes, and show what life was really like in the late 1950’s compared to 2005, when the modern elements of the movie are set.

Jamie Bacon plays a young Derek in the movie - © Red Rock Entertainment Film

Jamie, who plays a young Derek - Larry Lamb’s character in the movie - told Close Up Culture how he liked that the audience “see these kids at the start of the film, who are vulnerable and kids, having a good time in Brighton. Then we see them older and how they have these strong views on the world and they haven’t really adapted – they are stuck in their old ways.”

It is a relatable subject, how older generations struggle with the passage of time or outlooks of what is acceptable and isn’t. Brighton is actively embracing this, hoping to shine a light on how the world around you can change, but the ideas of the past take longer to adapt.

Jamie Bacon, who has starred in Netflix's 'White Lines' and 'Into The Mirror'. - © Georgia Baldwin

Ultimately, with the tagline for the film being ‘British and proud of it’, Brighton will hopefully remind Brits of how special our country is, whilst also reminding audiences how far we have come in our perceptions of the world.

Directed by Stephen Cookson, Brighton is released on June 7th to Amazon prime and DVD.

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