We rundown the top 5 news stories of the week!

From the Cambridge's day out in Norfolk, to the first ever photo of a Black Hole, this was the week that was the 8th April...

5. First Black Hole Photo

Last week, history was made as the first ever image of a Black Hole was captured in Space. The EHT (Event Horizon Telescope Collaboration) is a global network of telescopes operated by more than 200 researchers.

The monumental feat was met with wonder across the globe with many praising the efforts of the scientists involved. None more so that Dr Katie Bouman, one of the scientist who made the photo possible.

The photo was captured by amazingly, using the Earth as a satellite to project the signal to reach the Black Hole, enabling enough distance to capture the image!

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4. Cambridge's Day Out

We haven’t seen much of them over the past few weeks as they enjoy the Easter holidays. But last week the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge along with their children Prince George and Princess Charlotte enjoyed the Burnham Market Horse Trials near their home in Norfolk.

The Royals were joined by Mike and Zara Tindall (who was competing) and their two children Mia and Lena. The families enjoyed taking part of the Bumper Boats, though it was Mia and George who seemed to be getting on like Royal BFFs!

The pair seemed inseparable as they joked around with each other, and in the process melting many hearts!

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3. Tiger's Back On Top

It surely is the comeback of the century! Tiger Woods has won the Masters! The former World No. 1 shocked the crowds after being crowned the winner. What perhaps was most satisfying for the Golfing icon, was only a few years ago, Woods was predicted to never make it to the top spot of Golf again!

Twitter exploded with praise for the American, with many amazed at the impressive comeback. The win now means that Tiger Woods have re-entered the top 10 in the world rankings and is currently placed at No.6!

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2. Julian Assange Arrested

It was only a matter of time, but last week Julian Assange was removed from the Ecuadorian Embassy in London and arrested. The founder of Wiki-leaks has sought asylum at the embassy since 2012.

His stay comes after Assange was indicted in relation to the 2010 publication of classified documents and videos about the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. But these are not the only charges facing Assange. In 2012, the Wiki-leaks founder was accused of jumping bail and failing to surrender to the court. The case continues…

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1. The Crown's Princess Diana

It is the casting many Netflix fans have been waiting for, and last week finally the actress who would be playing Princess Diana in the hugely successful series The Crown was announced.

British actress Emma Corrin has won the coveted role and will make her first appearance in the fourth series. She said: “I have been glued to the show since the first episode and to think I’m now joining this incredibly talented acting family is just surreal.”

“Princess Diana was an icon, and her effect on the world remains profound and inspiring. To be given the chance to explore her through Peter Morgan’s writing is the most exceptional opportunity, and I will strive to do her justice!"

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