We rundown the top 5 news stories of the week!

From Princess Charlotte turning 4, to Sonic the Hedgehog movie facing major backlash from fans, this was the week that was the 29th April...


5. Princess Charlotte Turns 4

Princess Charlotte celebrated her 4th birthday last week and Kensington Palace released three stunning images taken by her mother The Duchess of Cambridge.

The photos sent social media into meltdown with royal fans debating who the Princess resembles most. The most common names were The Queen, The Queen Mother and Charlotte’s father Prince William.

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4. Peter Mayhew Dies

The Star Wars actor, Peter Mayhew has died. The man who brought Chewbacca to life passed away last week of a heart attack at his home in Boyd, Texas.

A favourite amongst Star Wars fans, the 7ft 3 in actor was discovered whilst working as a porter in a British Hospital. Both fans and former co-stars flooded social media with condolences, with Harrison Ford stating: “I loved him”.

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3. Blake Lively Pregnant

Hollywood couple Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds have announced they are expecting the third child. The couple who already have two daughters, arrived at the premiere of Reynolds’ latest movie, ‘Detective Pikachu’.

A source close to the couple stated: “They are so happy and excited about having another baby.” Before adding: “They really are the most in-love an in-tune couple, and very hands-on parents. They’d have a dozen kids if they could.”

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2. Sonic Backlash

Fans got to see the first-look trailer for the upcoming Sonic movie, and it’s fair to say it received a lukewarm reception.

Many had an issue with Sonic’s appearance saying the speedy blue hedgehog looked creepy and too human. The reaction has been so bad that the film-makers including Paramount Pictures have stated that they will completely redesign the entire character! And seen as the movie is released in November, this will be one hell of a job!

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1. Brexit Backlash

The local elections took place, and both main parties, The Conservatives and Labour, suffered heavy losses. Theresa May’s party in particular, as they lost over 1000 seat! Labour also had a dire night after failing to benefit from the Tory’s meltdown.

But it wasn’t a bad night for everyone. The Liberal Democrats and Green Party made gains as did more Independent Parties, with many stating the elections were a Brexit backlash.

However, with only 30% of the British electorate voting at the polls, with more than 39,000 purposely spoiling their ballots in favour of the Brexit Party, many have stated that the upcoming European elections are the ones to watch.

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