We rundown the top 5 news stories of the week!

From Paris burning amidst the worst riots in France for a decade, to Carole Middleton's first interview, this was the week that was 26th November...

5. Carole's Christmas

After 15 years of keeping quiet, Carole Middleton has given her first interview to the Daily Telegraph. The Duchess of Cambridge’s mother spoke candidly about her business, Party Pieces reaching its 30th milestone.

Talking about her love of Christmas Trees and how wonderful her sons-in law are, Carole came across as warm and affectionate. She also talked about the ‘impact’ that Catherine’s new life has had on the family though stating that most of the time they feel like any other.

This is the first and only time Carole has ever spoken publicly to the Press and she also gave readers a rare look into her beautiful home in Berkshire, where Catherine and her siblings grew up, and where also the HQs of Party Pieces is situated today.

Read the interview in full here!

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4. Paris Is Burning

French President, Emmanuel Macron is facing a troublesome time as Paris was subjected to its worst riots for over a decade. Protesters nicknamed the ‘yellow vests’ caused anarchy through the streets as they set fire to cars and buildings and also defaced the Arc de Triomphe.

President Macron condemned the vandalism vowing to bring them to justice. However, the anger has only increased with both fire fighters and police refusing to help with the clean-up.

The French fire fighters were photographed turning their backs to the President whilst the police removed their helmets in an act of solidarity with the Protesters. It looks as if things will only get worse for Emmanuel Macron, before they get any better.

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3. Noel's OUT!

In what was seen as a major shock to I’m A Celebrity fans, Noel Edmonds became the first campmate voted out of the popular reality show. The legendary broadcaster had made his presence known since entering the camp and became a staple entertaining force throughout his time on the show.

Fans were aghast at the result believing that other ‘less entertaining’ campmates should have been the first to leave instead.

Swiftly following behind was Malique, who became the second to be evicted from the show. Though eagle-eyed fans are questioning whether the show is fixed after both campmates were seen holding their bags as the results were delivered to the camp.

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2. Teen Water-boarded!

It is footage that has shocked and horrified the world. A young Syrian Refugee was subjected to horrifying brutality after being dragged to the ground and seemingly water-boarded in a school in South Yorkshire.

The footage received a visceral reaction from the public who condemned the attacker for his heinous act. In response to the video over £130,000 has been raised for the young Syrian boys family, which they have announced they will use to move to another area.

The teenage bully has since fled the country with his family after receiving death threats and has been charged for the crime.

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1. Putin's High-Five

The G20 summit in Argentina was always going to make headlines, yet one story that sickened the world was the image of Vladamir Putin greeting Prince Mohammed bin Salman. The two brutal dictators hi-fived as they greeted one another.

This meeting comes weeks after the Prince was accused of ordering the brutal murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi in the Saudi Arabian Consulate. Many saw the meeting of the men as Russia condoning the death of the Journalist which caused world-wide condemnation.

Furthermore, President Trump supposedly cancelled a meeting with both Saudi Arabia and Russia, due to the shocking greeting.

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