We rundown the top 5 news stories of the week!

From Bill Cosby serving 3-10 years, to the racism backlash facing J.K. Rowling, this was the week that was the 24th September...

5. Bill Cosby Jailed

Iconic entertainer, Bill Cosby has been sentenced to 3-10 years in prison after he was convicted of drugging and sexually assaulting Andrea Constand at his Philadelphia home in 2004.

Cosby was refused bail and sent straight to Jail where his sentence will now begin. The sentencing caused a divisive response with many celebrating the disgraced stars conviction. Others however, reacted with criticism relating the trail to the O.J. Simpson one.

Bill Cosby will be required to spend, at least 3 years in Prison before he will face a parole board for early release.

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4. Meghan Markle Goes Solo

The Duchess Of Sussex completed another milestone as a working Royal, after attending her first solo engagement in London. The Duchess attended the opening of the Oceania exhibition at the Royal Academy of Arts.

Meghan wore a black midi gown by designer, Givenchy and caused somewhat of a stir after shutting her own car door.

Twitter went into meltdown over the small gesture leading to many hilarious memes and over-reactions from the social media site.

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3. Trump Laughed at the UN

President Trump was met with a less than expected response this week from the UN Council, laughter. Speaking at his once-a-year address to the UN General Assembly, the President bragged that his administration “had accomplished more than any other administration in history.”

Quickly following on from the comment was awkward audible laughter, resulting in Trump commenting it was not the response he had hoped for.

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2. Potter Racism Storm

J.K. Rowling came under fire this week with the revelation of a former character in the latest trailer for Fantastic Beasts, The Crimes of Grindelwald.

Nagini, the snake/Horcrux belonging to Lord Voldemort was revealed to have actually been a cursed woman, forced to transform into a snake. It was the casting of Korean actress Claudia Kim that garnered the most reaction, and not in a good way. Many on Twitter argued that to cast an Asian actress into the role was racist and demeaning, due to the element of servitude the character endures in the original stories.

Rowling hit back at the claims tweeting: 'They are sometimes decpicted as winged, sometimes half-human, half-snake. Indonesia comprises a few hundred ethnic groups, including Javanese, Chinese and Betawi. Have a lovely day.’

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1. Dr Ford Testifies

In what has been a tempestuous week for American Politics, it all came to a head on Friday, with the testimony of Dr Christine Ford against Judge Brett Kavanaugh.

The Judge, who is also President Trump’s nomination for the Supreme Court, was accused of alleged sexual harassment against Dr Ford in high school. Ford gave an emotional, often harrowing recollection of the alleged night answering questions from Democratic Senators, though on the Republican side a Prosecution Lawyer was hired instead.

Kavanaugh’s statement followed afterwards and was equally emotional and sometimes angry.

The entire testimony ended with the Senate voting to request nomination of Judge Kavanaugh, though not before a full FBI investigation has taken place.

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