We rundown the top 5 news stories of the week!

From the draconian anti-LGBTQ laws in Brunei, to Daniel Craig becoming the longest serving Bond in history, this was the week that was the 1st April...

5. Tulip Skyscraper

After some controversy regarding its overall shape, the Tulip Skyscraper has been approved. The skyscraper will become one of the tallest in London and stand beside the Gherkin, also designed by the resident architects, Foster & Partners.

The tower, instead of hosting office or commercial space, resources for cultural and educational spaces will be based at the Tulip.

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4. 'Our Planet' Airs

It had been teased as Netflix’s rival to the famous BBC documentaries, and finally last week Our Planet was released on the global streaming network. Starring the iconic voice of Sir David Attenborough, the series received universal praise.

At its premiere, held at the Natural History Museum, Sir David was joined by TRH The Prince of Wales, the Duke of Cambridge and the Duke of Sussex. All three have been championing climate change and conservation through their many patronages.

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3. Daniel Craig Breaks Bond Record

He is set to star in his fifth and final James Bond movie but before he does, Daniel Craig has cause for celebration after becoming the longest serving Bond in history!

The British actor has overtaken Sir Roger Moore for the coveted title. Moore managed 4526 in the iconic role, Craig has beaten him by a day making his total 4527.

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2. Kurt Conbain's Death Passes 25th Milestone

His death shocked the music world and beyond, and last week marked 25 years since Nirvana front-man, Kurt Cobain passed away.

The singer, whose grunge style and lyrics won his a magnitude of fans, sadly committed suicide by shooting himself. And whilst there have been a cacophony of different theories that his death was much more suspicious, foul play has never been proven.

Irrespective of this however, Cobain’s indelible legacy on the music industry still stands tall today.

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1. Brunei's Anti-LGBTQ Laws Condemned

”Barbaric. Inhumane. Draconian.” These are just some of the words being used to describe the Sultan of Brunei’s horrific anti-LGBTQ laws, which took effect last week.

The laws, which have understandably received global condemnation, include stoning homosexuals to death, even children. And these laws do not only apply to the citizens of the controversial country. Even tourists can fall foul of the disgusting laws.

Due to this, the LGBTQ community and further-afield have reacted in anger, protesting outside of the many hotels the Sultan owns around the world. One such being, the Dorchester in London.

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