We rundown the top 5 news stories of the week!

From Jeremy Corbyn allegedly calling the Prime Minister a "stupid woman", to another interview by Thomas Markle, this was the week that was the 17th December...

5. "Stupid Woman"

In what has been another extraordinary week in British politics, perhaps the most surreal came at the weekly Prime Minsters Questions.

After the usual sparing between Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn, it was towards the end of the oppositions response which ignited the House of Commons and Social Media alike. Caught on camera, somewhat unknowingly Corbyn was filmed mouthing, what looked to be the words, “stupid woman.”

After the slight was brought to the attention of the house, Corbyn was ordered back into the chamber to explain the accusations. In response, Corbyn denied he had used the word “woman” and instead said “stupid people.

However, many have been left unconvinced by Corbyn’s explanation with numerous professional lip readers stating her did in fact say “stupid woman”. Judge for yourself by watching the video on the left.

Video courtesy of Sky News©

4. Mourinho Sacked

He described himself as the ‘Chosen One’, yet for Manchester United he became the ‘Problem One’ instead. After what is becoming a repetitive 3rd season, Jose Mourinho has been fired as Manager of the iconic football club.

The shocking move comes after a tumultuous season of losses and fallings out with staff and players with the successful Manager seemingly giving up on the Club.

But it’s not all bad news for Mourinho, as he is looking to gain a £22 million pay out from the Football team, and most likely will be snapped up pretty quickly by another Club soon.

Video courtesy of Sky Sports®

3. Mattis Resigns

In the biggest departure yet from the Trump Administration, General Mattis, one of the more respected members of Trump’s Inner Circle has resigned over the Presidents’ decision to pull American Troops from Syria.

The highly respected General stated in his resignation note that he was unable to serve the President with whom their opinions differ so much.

Mattis’ resignation was met with universal shock and concern, as he was seen as one of the only members of his administration who wouldn’t bow down to the controversial President. With his departure, many have now wondered who will take his place as Secretary of Defence. Some are concerned that there is no one more suitable for the role to fill Mattis’ place.

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2. Drone Shutdown

Serious questions have been raised regarding the growing popularity of Drones, after Gatwick Airport as brought to a standstill as four were deliberately flown in to the runway’s airspace.

The collection of popular aviation tools caused chaos as all flights were grounded with them either delayed or cancelled.

A couple, Paul Gait, 47 and Elaine Kirk, 54 from Crawley have been arrested on suspicion of causing the chaos, though the boss of Gait has stated this is impossible as he was working at the time.

Investigations are ongoing, though thankfully Gatwick seems to have returned to normality.

Video courtesy of The SUN®

1. Thomas Markle Returns

It has been six months of silence, though it was never going to last as Thomas Markle made his return to the Press Circuit with an exclusive interview for Good Morning Britain on ITV. The father of the Duchess of Sussex spoke to Piers Morgan and Susanna Reid about his relationship with his distant daughter who he believes has ‘ghosted’ him.

The interview will do little to reconcile with Meghan or Harry, more so after admitting the Duchess can be ‘controlling’. His comments won’t help quieten the rumours of ‘diva and demanding’ behaviour of which Meghan has been accused of in recent weeks. The couple will be next seen on Christmas Day as the spend the Festive period with the Queen and other members of the Royal Family.

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