We rundown the top 5 news stories of the week!

From the controversial Gillette Advert, to the dramatic car crash involving Prince Phillip, this was the week that was the 14th January...

5.Gillette Advert Backlash

The shaving company, Gillette has face astronomical backlash for an advert regarding Toxic Masculinity. The commercial, which is longer on YouTube, has been slammed as “offensive, degrading and insulting” to men.

The slogan “the best a man can be” appears at the end of the 1 minute 48 seconds video, where it depicts men wolf-whistling in the street, alludes to the sexual harassment of Harvey Weinstein and others, and states that men must do better.

So far over 23 million have watched the clip on YouTube. However, whilst 707,000 have liked the video, over 1.2 million have disliked it, making it on course to become the most hated video in the websites history!

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4. Kate’s Green Fingers

HRH The Duchess Of Cambridge returned to the spotlight after the Christmas break last week, as she visited the King Henry’s Wal Garden in London.

Kate spent the afternoon making Pizza with local school kids, as well as announcing that she would be designing an exhibit at the prestigious Chelsea Flower Show this year.

The specially designed garden will highlight her work with Mental Health and hopefully inspire both young and old to get outdoors.

Video courtesy of The Royal Family Channel®

3. Celine Dion Mute's R Kelly

The #MuteRKelly hashtag is gathering even more traction, as superstar singer, Celine Dion has announced she will drop her duet with Kelly ‘I’m Your Angel’ from all streaming services.

The singer is the latest in a growing line of artist who are removing their association with Kelly after a damning docu-series, ‘Surviving R Kelly’ aired earlier this month.

Kelly denies all the allegations of sexual assault, but it looks as if this growing backlash is only getting bigger for the ‘I Believe I Can Fly’ singer.

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2. Ghostbusters are BACK (again)!

“Who ya gonna call?” Well it looks like the Ghostbusters again! Two years after the “controversial” female led movie hit our screens, Jason Reitman - son of Ivan, the director of the original – is to direct an all new movie.

Whilst no details have yet been released, except for a short 60 second teaser, the movie looks to be set away from the female led movie. Instead, it seems that this time the film will share the same universe as the original two movies.

This has caused both joy and damnation, with many feeling that the movie should bring both the original movie and the Melissa McCarthy film together. We’ll have to wait and see which approach the producers go with this!

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1. Prince Phillip, Horror Crash!

HRH, The Duke of Edinburgh was involved a serious car accident last week. The 97 year old Prince was driving back to the Sandringham Estate, when he collided to another vehicle. The force of the impact caused the Queen’s husband’s 2-tonne Land Rover to film onto its side.

Whilst Phillip was uninjured, the passenger of the other vehicle did suffer a broken wrist with minor cuts and bruises. The severity of the crash was heightened by the revelation of a 9-month old baby sitting in the back, though thankfully was unharmed.

The crash has sparked a debate of whether the Prince should be forced to stop driving with many stating that only the Queen would be able to force him to do it.

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