We rundown the top 5 news stories of the week!

With allegations of Jussie Smollett faking his homophobic and racial attack, and the Oscars backtracking on their coverage of the ceremony, this was the week that was the 11th February...

5. Jussie Smollett Hoax?

Actor and singer, Jussie Smollett was under fire last week after sources leaked information to the Press over an alleged racist and homophobic attack late last month. The ‘Empire’ actor and active member of the LGBTQ community informed Chicago Police that he was attacked from behind, and had a ‘noose’ tied around his neck.

Two Nigerian brothers were arrested but subsequently released without charge after stating Smollett had orchestrated the attack, even rehearsing it two days before.

Many celebrities and Senators openly condemned the alleged and fully supported Smollett after the attack, yet now many are questioning whether the same celebrities will condemn the actor after more and more evidence emerges to state the attack was a hoax.

Smollett has denied all allegations of faking the attack.

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4. William Follows Diana's Footsteps

Throughout his life, Prince William has always been compared to his late mother Princess Diana, and now he is continuing her legacy and work with the Homeless. The future King and father-of-three visited The Passage, a charity which helps provide food and care for those living on the streets.

On his arrival, William was gifted a framed photograph of himself, his mother and brother, Prince Harry on their last visit in 1993.

William also announced his patronage of the charity carrying on from his work with Centrepoint, another homeless charity working to helping the most vulnerable. We’re sure his mother would be proud!

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3. Orlando Bloom, Katy Perry engaged!

Hollywood actor, Orlando Bloom and superstar singer, Katy Perry are engaged. The couple who have been dating on and off for years announced the news through their Instagram accounts.

The couple have been mostly private in their relationship, but decided to share the news on Valentine’s Day!

Whilst no date has been set of the nuptials, the couple looked extremely happy and we wish them the best for their future together!

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2. Shamima Begum Debate

It is the story which has dominated the British newspapers last week. The Terrorist, Shamima Begum, who at the age of 15 travelled to Syria to join ISIS, has been discovered in an immigrant camp in Syria. Now aged 19, the wife of an ISIS soldier, who days ago gave birth to a son, has asked for sympathy and help to return to the country she fled.

Many have reacted to the story with anger, especially due to the lack of remorse of regret at joining the death cult. When asked how she felt about the atrocities committed by ISIS, she stated that it “didn’t bother” her or “phase her.” This has resulted in mounting pressure to the Home Secretary, Sajid Javid to block her return to the UK and strip her of her citizenship.

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1. Oscars Backtrack

The Oscars are only days away and this year they seem to be marred in more controversy than usual. The biggest night in the movie calendar already lost host Kevin Hart and now faced backlash after proposing they would only air certain categories of the award show.

Fans hit back on social media, stating that each category should have its moment in the spotlight and it wasn’t fair for producers to choose which is deemed more important.

This has led to the Academy announcing they would backtrack on the decision and instead air all the categories as usual.

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